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having value that is not acknowledged

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In VS order in SA, finite T has a set of unvalued p-features (person, number and gender), a D-feature a'nd a Nom case.
For example, the caring literacy traditionally carried out by girls and women, caring for siblings and their children remained invisible and unvalued. In addition, oral and written linguistic capabilities were not equally valued in schools, and learners' idiolects (and through them, their identities) were devalued through the hierarchisation of varieties and dialects that positions Standard English as imbued with an intrinsic prestige that masquerades as natural and almost moral in character--rather than as a dialect whose status is rooted in specific historical incident / accident (Trudgill, 2000).
Jim is unaware of the fact that when he was young, his emotionally abusive mother continually made him feel unvalued, unloved, and unworthy in the presence of herself, which in turn led him to unknowingly transfer these unprocessed emotions to females in general.
In non-asserted contexts (RIDEs), an event operator moves to CP and this blocks any other movement, leading to the prediction that NPr will be banned since the features under C remain unvalued:
Instead of combining specific action, this wave has focused on power and identity politics, questioning the ways in which gendered and sexual identities are created, with some being valued and others unvalued (Severson and Stanhope, "Identity" 44).
The physicians generally felt a lack of respect and unvalued.
The whole process made me feel betrayed, angry and unvalued. It was worse than the assault itself.
Many staff said they felt let down, unsupported, unvalued and could not remember the last time they were thanked for their efforts.
There is anger at the hurt inflicted on the young expectant woman; unvalued and cheated of love.
Without any choice or control over everyday matters at the center, some clients, particularly those at Center B, felt unvalued and expressed low self-esteem.
Work traditionally done by women and other marginalized people--housework, child care, community care, emotional labor--are undervalued at best and unvalued at worst.
An Unvalued Policy is one which does not specify the value of the subject matter insured, but subject to the limit of the sum insured leaving aside the insurable value to be subsequently ascertained.
The Manchester City defender (below) is half-Portuguese and was on the verge of accepting their invitation to play for them after feeling unvalued by Hope Powell at Euro 2013.
"Investors and advisors used this downturn to pick up unvalued stocks, and banks prospered when they decided to shake things up in the boardroom—signalling a new era for banking."
In this chapter, Coulter uses a feminist political economy framework to begin thinking about the unacknowledged or unvalued labour of animals.