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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 90 percent of unvaccinated people who have not had measles will get the disease, if they are exposed to the virus.
Six percent said their provider doesn't let unvaccinated kids use the common waiting room; 2% said they are allowed do so if they wear a mask.
This means 60,000 children were unvaccinated in 2018, 6,000 more than in 2013, with nearly 600,000 not getting a first jab from 2010 to 2018.
To keep it from spreading, school and state health officials ordered unvaccinated students to stay away from class and extracurricular activities until vaccinated.
When stratified by vaccine status, the crude rate of HZ among vaccinated children was 78% lower than among unvaccinated children (38 vs.
The rate of HZ among children who were unvaccinated climbed from 2003 to 2007 and then declined sharply through the end of the study period.
Researchers also found a reduction in cervical disease among unvaccinated women, suggesting that the country's routine HPV vaccine program has created substantial herd protection against the virus.
"In high-income countries, for example, it may be attributable to vaccine resistance and to the clustering of unvaccinated people in specific groups of the population."
Huang said there has been no sign of infection on unvaccinated livestock so far.
HEALTH Secretary Matt Hancock has said he "wouldn't rule out anything" when asked whether unvaccinated children should be banned from schools.
According to her, widening pockets of unvaccinated children have created a pathway to the measles outbreaks hitting several countries around the world today.
The second most affected country was France, with 608,000 unvaccinated children, followed by the UK, with 527,000.
The mumps incidence rate is determined by unvaccinated adults.
-- A county in New York City's northern suburbs declared a state of emergency Tuesday over a measles outbreak that has infected more than 150 people since last fall, hoping a ban against unvaccinated children in public places wakes their parents to the seriousness of the problem.