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to an inexpressible degree

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Surely a mild, a compliant, an unutterably tranquil and harmless old lady
She had never felt the means taken to accomplish her end so unutterably degrading to herself, as she felt them on the day when the end was reached.
When she had been snatched from him his sorrow had been so deep that the thought of ever mingling again with human beings grew still more unutterably distasteful.
It appeared unutterably rash, though when hit upon, it had been a decision that moderated a more extreme action.
Archer's face suddenly convulsed with happy sobs, the low benedictory murmur of the Rector's voice, the ordered evolutions of the eight pink bridesmaids and the eight black ushers: all these sights, sounds and sensations, so familiar in themselves, so unutterably strange and meaningless in his new relation to them, were confusedly mingled in his brain.
If Clennam had not decided against falling in love with Pet; if he had had the weakness to do it; if he had, little by little, persuaded himself to set all the earnestness of his nature, all the might of his hope, and all the wealth of his matured character, on that cast; if he had done this and found that all was lost; he would have been, that night, unutterably miserable.
It's unutterably too much for flesh and blood to bear - even mine.
THERE is something unutterably charming about the DS 3, the little supermini with the dashing good looks.
But the main argument against clearing your leaves up, surely, that it is just so unutterably wrong and pointless.
You'll see here that I had planned something fresh, and so unutterably, well, sunny, that you'd all be diving off to the shops and stocking up on the Retsina.
It's hard to understand how anyone could sink so low as to target vulnerable people in this way, and it's unutterably sad to think that people who had worked hard and saved for their old age had their hopes of a comfortable retirement taken away from them in such a callous way.
The newspaper chain "made unutterably stupid mistakes, such as selling advertising at a promotional rate lower than that offered to the biggest display advertiser.
How unutterably sad this story is (Roman Catholics weigh in on marriage canon, Sept.
I ask you seriously: could anything be more unutterably beautiful?
At its core is a political message: that the values of the Enlightenment were hard-earned and need defence; that freedom of speech and study are unutterably precious," wrote Charles Shaar Murray of the Independent.