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uncommonness by virtue of being unusual

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In the case of the on-stage Skriker, the implicit gesture of naming--i.e., of designating this multiplicity of appearances as one and the same entity--significantly enhances the impression of mystery, depth, and unusualness. A given Skriker's individual appearances, however malevolent, would not have the same fascinating impact if experienced in isolation, or if they failed to be recognized (implicitly named) as reflections of the same underlying thing.
(173) This is particularly true in Eighth Amendment decisions, where one must determine the "unusualness" of a punishment.
(21) In contrast, life sentences without parole are not typically imposed by juries (.22) The unusualness of particular noncapital sentences is therefore primarily the product of sentencing guidelines, prosecutorial discretion, and judicial sentencing decisions.
98) has referred to as a 'unique' job (long hours and contracts, scale of ship, way of life, structures that support and inform crew), and the sea-based mobility of the ships isolating employees from their previous social lives, respondents' awareness about the unusualness of cruise ship life was prevalent.
In view of the unusualness of the coenoses and their ecological context, we propose the new association Geranio nodosi-Loniceretum alpigenae hoc loco (holotypus: rel.
I have spent much of my time in Buddhist Studies examining various hagiographies and hagiographical fragments of the Buddha's life, have encountered the hundreds of references to his physique that Powers refers to, and other than the obvious concern with his marks of a Great Man that are striking in their unusualness, I have rarely given his masculinity more than cursory consideration.
However, in the post-industrial world, the designer is like the architect of the late nineteenth century: he is useful for lending the product a more pleasing, more seductive, if not more unusual aspect, especially if its unusualness might set a trend.
It seems that HIV/AIDS didn't attract much press coverage because the nature of the disease didn't fit contemporary news values such as conflict, unusualness or the bizarre, and sensationalism.
The entire world is observing "Obamism", and perhaps one of its most prominent mistakes is that the circle surrounding it is sometimes formed of unusually usual people who have forgotten that "unusualness" requires explaining and perseverance, not bureaucratic condescension.
Four stories were chosen based on the varying level of five factors: graphic effects, emotional intensity, unusualness, dramatic impact, and sound effect.
There is another version of boldness that refers to the unusualness of an idea.
Two-sorted languages like this are sometimes seen in philosophy when 2nd-order logic is being introduced--one distinguishes variables that range over objects from variables which range over properties--but given its unusualness in the present context it is surprising that Kaplan doesn't say more, or indeed anything, to motivate this aspect of his logic, either in "Demonstratives" or in "Afterthoughts."
Similarly, the enormously common word friend is used of Belvidera only in circumstances which draw attention to the unusualness of its application.