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But Nyman is also an unusual person. In the streamlined world of real estate, he has not been afraid to stand out.
One way you can surf this can be around an unusual person who enters your sphere.
It takes an unusual person with an unusual set of experiences and skills to bring something new to these sorts of conversations.
Aside from notices found in the local newspapers, his is the only eyewitness report about the film that we have from a private person, and a rather unusual person at that.
He is an unusual person, an incredible footballer," United manager Alex Ferguson said.
I personally know individuals who claim to associate colors with musical tones, but Sacks presents an unusual case of synesthesia in which the individual associated various tastes with tones, including a minor second as "sour," a major second as "bitter," and a major sixth as "low-fat cream." One wonders whether this unusual person, originally described by researchers at the University of Zurich (3), got very hungry at concerts.
In fact, you'd have to be a very unusual person not to find something to amuse yourself.
When one has met an unusual person one may be excused for observing him with greater curiosity than is warranted by strictly polite correctness.
One rather unusual person or friend can spur you on.
A unusual person in the Sudan Pioneer Mission around 1900 was a Christian from Nubia, Samuel Ali Hiseen.
"He was quite an unusual person. It was unknown to me he had so much money, and I was the nearest to him.
Ron Baker is a pretty unusual person. He is such a contrarian.
"Jack was a very unusual person, especially in his time," said author Ed Alwood (Straight News), "especially in the '50s, because he was a person who could rise above the social culture that surrounded him."
He says: "George W Bush is a very unusual person: a good man who is not a weak man.