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Synonyms for unusable

incapable of being used or availed of to advantage

having no useful purpose

Synonyms for unusable

not capable of being used

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The entire roof of the stand in question collapsed after the retaining posts broke and the seats, the staircase and roof were thrown off, making it unusable.
The trains, however, were later found to be unusable because it lacked parts that have yet to be purchased from South Korea.
Obsolete and unusable property was sold in three separate auctions over a span of six months.
- Destroying firmware to render the entire drive unusable and inaccessible
The building with the largest vanity height is the 828m Burj Khalifa in Dubai, of which 29% or 244m is unusable - which would rank on its own as the 11th tallest building in Europe.
MUCH of the local road network could become unusable should there be more flooding or another severe winter, highways bosses are warning.
Summary: Some 70 percent of mobile phones in the Lebanese market are smuggled into the country, officials said Tuesday, announcing that illegally imported devices would become unusable beginning June.
"We will make all possible efforts to build new schools for our children instead of unusable buildings and tent schools, which have no elementary conditions for study.
Drainage from the parking area has washed out part of the fields, making it unusable.
The Zain National Mobile Phone and e-Waste Recycling Campaign, flagged off last March, was the first ever to offer the public an opportunity to safely dispose old and unusable mobile phones and encouraged thousands of people to dispose e-waste in a responsible manner.
The four winners were presented with a brand new Blackberry or Samsung handset for disposing of their old and unusable phones.
Unusable sandbags OF the 10,000 sandbags placed on Middlesbrough streets to combat incendiaries 5,000 were unusable because the sackcloth sand quickly rotted in the wind and rain.
Typhoid, dysentery and cholera outbreaks would sweep Britain - but power loss would make many medicines unusable. The Government would also have to tackle food shortages as perishables decayed.
THE missing wheelchair of a disabled Cardiff girl has been recovered - in a broken and unusable condition.
These impetuous initiatives only bring down the educational system and generate thousands of young people each day whose "knowledge" will be unusable.