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not understood


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(57.) Llewellyn acknowledged the benefits of the case method in the first year, but insisted that upper division courses should involve detailed examinations of legal problems in their full complexity, even if it resulted in less doctrinal coverage, He advocated that class materials in upper division classes should bring together detailed materials that are rich and diverse, so as to provide a context for class discussion, and he was guided by the rule: "better less, with real understanding, than more of the ununderstood." So-Called Legal Education, supra note 31, at 671.
In Six Persons' second-person chapter, Baraka remembers that "you cd sit copyin ee cummings meticulously out of some absolutely ununderstood text.
Elliptical, even gnomic, hypertelescoped, Tellermann's bare yet oddly energized narrative traces leave us, as she is herself, on the knife edge of a "gathering / [of] the ununderstood." Pangeia, like the rest of her work, is in no way willingly esoteric and is beyond any pure estheticism.