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loosening the ties that fasten something

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The DAC argues that 'untying aid, on the other hand, increases aid effectiveness by reducing and avoiding unnecessary transaction costs, gives the recipient the freedom to procure goods and services' and therefore 'improves the ability of recipient countries to set their own course.' The DAC reports that the 'proportion of ODA...
Despite donor agreements on untying, tied aid continues to make up a significant share of bilateral aid.
Many services offered, also discountsThe start of shipping season included a symbolic untying, goulash cooking, and a concert by the Vesna folklore ensemble from #381iar.Marina Liptov was opened in summer 2016 as a unique holiday and leisure resort in the region, OOCR Regioacuten Liptov head Darina Bartkovaacute told TASR.
According to the same official, the driver was untying the chain holding the logs he had carried over from Gerik when one of them slid down and hit him.
Ellen Malphrus; UNTYING THE MOON; Story River Books (Fiction: General) 24.95 ISBN: 9781611176100
This, the production of biofuels, and other crises in global food security have sparked renewed talk about untying US food aid from agribusiness and other commercial interests.
Untying of the bag outlet takes place within the dust cabinet.
A large door or glove box provides easy access for untying and retying the bag necks.
Doubling aid to Africa from 2003-2004 levels to 2.16 billion dollars in 2008-2009; untying all food aid and on track to untie all aid by 2012-2013;
Barr, of Dunbeg, Argyll and Bute, admitted untying the boat near Dunstaffnage Castle last November.
By eliminating the need for repetitive tying and untying, these hangers provide effortless placement and removal of fenders.
It eliminates dust during untying, emptying, retying, and removal of bulk bags and promotes complete discharge of contents.
The untying of development aid by the European Commission should not benefit non-EU firms which practice social dumping.
Hess: A lot of what we call "standards-based accountability" embodies a setting of expectations, but then flexibility calls for untying hands of principals and teachers to accomplish those goals.
Later, the barefooted reporter made a break for freedom from a holding house, after loosening his blindfold and untying rope around his hands and feet.