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cause to become untwisted

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Twist fishing line, or any other stringy thing, and you'll get some torsional energy back when it untwists. That's what powers a rubber band airplane.
(Pulling the twisted string outward, untwists it, spinning the wheel.) Have kids sketch their design ideas on paper.
THIS handy Baked Beans tin untwists to provide a great hiding place for valuables.
As the o-ring responds to water pressure, there will be initial seepage while the o-ring untwists, pushes out the grease, and finds a seat.
The "roller" rolls backward because of the following sequence: As the container moves forward, the rubber band untwists, Some of the stored energy gets converted into energy of motion.
For example, in one Horton exercise, the dancer goes from standing to sitting to lunging to standing, as the spine twists and untwists, the legs straighten and bend, and the pelvis tips forward and back and around.
"The ice hook untwists inside the whirlwind tail" (10), "Two ravens swinging low to steal the breadcrumb from the mousetrap" (12), "I heard songs when the cactus wren sipped nectar from the tongue of a cricket" (45), "Is this what I deserve: A white anthropologist sitting beside me at a winter ceremony?" "Listen.
The module utilizes GIGA-TX technology, which speeds installation and reduces conductor untwists to less than 1/8".