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I did the due diligence, ascertained it would need a clockwise action, and started untwisting the first one About a minute later, I was still untwisting it, and realised I had untwisted it so much that I had twisted it in the opposite direction.
Both the Macdonald polynomials and KR modules are of arbitrary untwisted affine type.
Islamic researcher Dr Sheikh Mohammed Ashmawy said the faithful are warned to be like the woman who breaks into untwisted strands the yarn which she has spun, after it has become strong as narrated in Verse 16/92 of the Holy Quran.
Within reasonable economic boundaries, one can think about using five orbital angular momentum states, from -5 (counter-clockwise) up to 5 (clockwise), including untwisted waves.
The surgeon may still use suture to fixate the testis to the sidewall of the scrotum on the inside, since there is a possibility that it untwisted spontaneously before surgery took place.
The yarn is untwisted by the continuously rotating Twist Head.
Though the scientists knew the phytochrome was composed of two "sister" units, forming a dimer, the new structure revealed a surprisingly long twisted area of contact between the two individual units, with a good deal of flexibility at the untwisted ends.
A triple-stranded rope in the zerotwist configuration, Bohr and Olsen found, is 68 percent the length of its untwisted component strands.
I bought eight twisted butcher's sausages, linked together, and untwisted them pushing the meat into the gaps to make one long sausage.
Two types of fabric were used during this study; first type is simple fabric made of untwisted tows of carbon fibers while the second is a simple fabric made of alternating untwisted tows of carbon and aramide fibers.
A corrective tactic adopted in varying degrees by the contributors to this volume is to gothicize criticism by retwisting the narrative strands they have deftly untwisted.
Although you were present in your grey flannel shorts or pleated skirt - and I favoured the shorts being a conventional young chap - with your ankle socks untwisted and your face polished to the shine on a priest's funeral shoes, the conversation was conducted over your head, as though you were a slow-witted spaniel, utterly unable to determine your future.
lt;p>In traditional plugs, cable pairs are untwisted and inserted from the rear of the plug into internal channels until they are fully seated at the front of the plug and then crimped using a termination tool.
Two untwisted pair (UTP) gigabit ports from the gigabit switch at the corporate office are converted to fiber using media converters equipped with SFPs with two unique CWDM wavelengths.
She spoke quietly, but her agitation was visible as she twisted and untwisted a tissue she held behind her back.