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In the next section we list the basic physical parameters of jet #11 and the topology of magnetic fields inside and outside the moving flux tube modeling jet and also derive the wave dispersion equation for both untwisted and twisted tubes.
From the Overture, delivered with enthusiastic vigor by the UBC Symphony Orchestra under conductor Jonathan Girard, Director of Orchestras at UBC, to a satisfying finale that untwisted all the plot twists and turns, it was a night that truly celebrated Carnival.
The stomach is untwisted and sutured to the abdominal wall to prevent recurrence.
has no operating viscose Fibre plant and still the import duty on Viscose Staple Fibre is 5% whereas under SRO 567(I)2006 the import duty on Yarn of Viscose Rayon, untwisted or with a twist not exceeding 120 turns per meter (HS Code 5403.3100) is 5%, which is a clear anomaly.
The untwisted area of the cable (directly behind the contact crimp zone) is another potential cause of impedance discontinuities.
He twisted and untwisted his hands, pinched a hangnail between a shaking thumb and forenger and tugged it.
I did the due diligence, ascertained it would need a clockwise action, and started untwisting the first one About a minute later, I was still untwisting it, and realised I had untwisted it so much that I had twisted it in the opposite direction.
Both the Macdonald polynomials and KR modules are of arbitrary untwisted affine type.
Islamic researcher Dr Sheikh Mohammed Ashmawy said the faithful are warned to be like the woman who breaks into untwisted strands the yarn which she has spun, after it has become strong as narrated in Verse 16/92 of the Holy Quran.
"Within reasonable economic boundaries, one can think about using five orbital angular momentum states, from -5 (counter-clockwise) up to 5 (clockwise), including untwisted waves.
The surgeon may still use suture to fixate the testis to the sidewall of the scrotum on the inside, since there is a possibility that it untwisted spontaneously before surgery took place.
* The yarn is untwisted by the continuously rotating Twist Head.
Though the scientists knew the phytochrome was composed of two "sister" units, forming a dimer, the new structure revealed a surprisingly long twisted area of contact between the two individual units, with a good deal of flexibility at the untwisted ends.