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cause to become untwisted

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After that, no matter which direction the yarn tries to untwist, it'll be stopped by the opposing twist.
In mobilizing the small bowel, blunt dissection was used to lyse adhesions and untwist the mesentery.
Remove the foil, untwist the cage and remove, then firmly grip the cork while twisting the bottle with the other hand at 45 degrees, releasing the fizz with a sigh...
But, when they carried out an operation to untwist it, deadly sepsis began to spread through his body.
Use your other hand to untwist the top of the wrapping.
* Slowly untwist and return your arm and leg to start.
When the can stops, the rubber bands untwist, flipping the pennies and pushing the roller backward.
These effects may also occur in the wire termination zone, which is another reason to minimize and shorten untwist length.
The opposite rotation after LV twist was defined as LV untwist and the time derivative of LV untwist was designated as the LV untwisting rate ([degrees]/s).
Dogs in the torsion stage go almost immediately into surgery to untwist it.
Untwist the coat hanger so you have a length of wire.
When the manager of the opposition takes the full-back off after about 20 minutes to untwist his blood, you know your winger is having a decent start to his game!" Jennings produced several spectacular performances for Tranmere last season, earning him recognition as apprentice of the year in the Football League awards.
Three basic steps of the Twist Untwist method are carried out simultaneously and continuously as illustrated in Fig-2.
Cocktail-lovers simply untwist the shaker's mid section, remove the inner foil seal, add a few cubes of ice, close and shake vigorously - just like an experienced barman - until the base is chilled.