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undo what has been twined together

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Hell if I'm going anywhere; I stick like a barnacle to the pew, staring at the hated tennis shoes I'm still hoping no one has noticed under my dress, the rubber soles sandy, laces untied, my feet rubbing together, ankles twining, untwining, drawing figure eights with my toe on the dusty floor.
Alone after the news on a bitter evening in the country, sleet slashing the stubbled fields, the river ice; I keep stirring up the recalcitrant fire, but when I throw my plastic coffee cup in with new kindling it perches intact on a log for a strangely long time, as though uncertain what to do, until in a somehow reluctant, almost creaturely way it dents, collapses, and decomposes to a dark slime untwining itself stone hearth.
[38] conducted tension-compression cycling experiments and reported untwining (or reversal of twinning) activities when stress direction is reversed.
This is best illustrated by the gradual untwining of the family unit for minimum wage purposes.
A continuous series of spirals twining and untwining like waves on the sea may be translated into a line of animals in pursuit, it can just as well give rise to a plant like composition, and it is here that we are brought back to the history of the Arabesque.
Ethnic relations form the fibres that make up the Dayak cords in the knot, but what keeps them from untwining? Is ethnic unity a strong enough base to successfully claim exclusive rights and the validity of private norms in twenty-first century Indonesia?
See generally, Sue Ann Mota, The Untwining of Patent Law and Antitrust: No Presumption of Market Power in Patent Tying Cases According to the Supreme Court in Illinois Tool Works v.
Out of her oily backpack I'd dragged pants and underwear and shirts that held the smell of her and even her shape (an elbow, a hip), threading them out one at a time, untwining them from one other.