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Synonyms for untutored

Synonyms for untutored

lacking in schooling

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It was with a feeling of awe and wonder that the fierce, untutored Arab gazed upon the monuments of this strange, and to him, enchanted land.
"Music Theory for Beginners" presents in spare, witty, condensed chapters the basics of music theory for the untutored in five chapters and 115 pages.
Of course England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, are all having problems with a National Health Service which quite evidently is no longer entirely fit for purpose, and I recognise that the Welsh Government has pumped significant resources into it in recent years, but much of the problem seems to my untutored eye to lie with senior management at NHS Trust board level.
In Angustia, Roche finds that instead of an untutored note-taker, Ramos is a sophisticated tracer of speech, Rocha finds further clues amongst the bulls and goats, "lullabying" modernist sublation, and the death of the poet becoming the birth of the domestic voice.
The Proclaimers - The Very Best of IT'S 25 years since identical twin brothers Craig and Charlie Reid burst across the pop firmament, thanks to Letter to America's reassuringly untutored Scots tones and memorably singalongable chorus.
This manoeuvre limits drag so effectively that, to the untutored eye, the AC72 appears to be flying at a speed of 40 knots, twice as fast as the wind.
The semiliterate writing that gives Adventures of Huckleberry Finn its "vernacular vision"--wrapping cultural critique in ostensibly innocent transgressions and misunderstandings--has a counterpart in the apparently untutored drawing style and social critique seen in The Simpsons, Lynda Barry's comics, and The Boondocks.
It could hand the mass media another opportunity to pillory horseracing and make life very difficult for its friends in the RSPCA, who do their best to reconcile the perceptions of an untutored public with the realities of the sport.
IATTENDED the performance of the Mega-Messiah concert in the Cardiff Opera House on November 6, which I judged to be superlative, to my untutored ear.
The elite institution was founded in 1892 by Emily Ward, who was concerned that the only care children received was from "untutored" housemaids.
To the untutored eye, the productivity disparity between Moseley's lineout and their scrum would suggest that, while the former needs a spell in intensive care, the latter is in the rudest of health and ready to dominate as it once did.
Boogie-woogie, a piano style built upon the blues and characterized by a variety of ostinato bass figures, is frequently viewed as a rudimentary music performed by untutored pianists with limited musical vocabulary.
Which is how I came to be sitting in an Audi A5 Sportback contemplating the advantages of a 1,000-year Reich while my co-driver attempted to convince a man who was possibly untutored in ways of the horse chestnut that, although he could not at that precise moment put his hand on his passport, he had lived in the UK for 58 years so surely there must be some record of his bona fides.
According to Moore, the idea was popularized by a number of "untutored evangelicals." Actually, Darwin's faith faltered over the course of his lifetime, and he told his family a few years before his death that he was "content to remain an agnostic."
They were pale and delicate and looked, to my untutored eye, like Juliette new potatoes.