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Synonyms for untutored

Synonyms for untutored

lacking in schooling

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She was not accustomed to being either commanded or ignored, but with all her royal pride she was no fool, and she knew the man was right, that he was risking his life to save hers, so she hastened on with Ghek as she was bid, and after the first flush of anger she smiled, for the realization came to her that this fellow was but a rough untutored warrior, skilled not in the finer usages of cultured courts.
Both tore and struck and clawed and bit in the frenzy of mad, untutored strife, rolling about on the soft carpet of the jungle almost noiselessly except for their heavy breathing and an occasional beast-like snarl from Number One.
I recall that it was then I first regretted that she was only a little untutored savage and so far beneath me in the scale of evolution.
You have strength," he could hear her saying, "but it is untutored strength.
The sound was at first unpleasantly high in pitch, to my untutored ear.
The impulse was communicated to the Teton horses, long accustomed to sympathise in the untutored passions of their owners, and it was with difficulty that the keepers were enabled to restrain their impatience.
There was abundant place for gentler fancies too, in her untutored mind.
The change introduced in the 1970s by the appalling Redcliffe Maud Report of untutored civil servants led to places like Dyfed and Gwynedd with internal differences so vast and varied
It was with a feeling of awe and wonder that the fierce, untutored Arab gazed upon the monuments of this strange, and to him, enchanted land.
Music Theory for Beginners" presents in spare, witty, condensed chapters the basics of music theory for the untutored in five chapters and 115 pages.
However, serious building defects may not be obvious to the untutored eye.
And it was time for my untutored doggy-paddle to amuse the other holiday-makers.
In their own oddball fashions, these untutored mutts did it all, from treeing squirrels and rousting rabbits to flushing pheasants.
The piece looks complex to my untutored eye but it is fascinating to watch as it ebbs and flows, the dancers making use of the large space available to them.
Of course England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, are all having problems with a National Health Service which quite evidently is no longer entirely fit for purpose, and I recognise that the Welsh Government has pumped significant resources into it in recent years, but much of the problem seems to my untutored eye to lie with senior management at NHS Trust board level.