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Years ago, when I was programming in GFA Basic on my untrusty old Atari ST (GFA Basic was one of the 'modern" BASICs that *gasp* didn't use line numbers, and seemed more like Pascal), I used to love the editor's code folding ability.
33) "Idle and untrusty servants," concluded William Whately in 1640, "quickly bring [a house] to nought.
Indeed, the green berets are so disgusted that they have taken to referring to their untrusty shooter as a "civil servant", because - boom, boom - "It doesn't work and you can't fire it.
For it goeth very hard with a man," Plutarch notes, "if at the very instant and not before, even when he hath most need of friendship, to perceive those to be no friends whom he took to be, and namely, when he hath not with him at hand a good and faithful friend, to exchange for him that is untrusty, disloyal and counterfeit" (39).
Back to Birmingham, and it was going to take a lot more than the notoriously untrusty elements of early June to deter Tauziat from returning the following year to her favourite venue outside Roland Garros.