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not traveled over or through

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I have here examined the hitherto untraversed territory of the relationship between Karl Rahner and Friedrich Schelling.
To this day, this area is rendered sacred and untraversed land due to its mythical and mystic nature.
It was optional in the case of all other students, and as the 'Gown' classes embraced only Latin, Greek, Logic, Ethics and Physics, it will be seen that a large field-- Mathematics, Medicine, Law, and Theology was left untraversed.
This statute draws on criminal statutes creating an offence of financial exploitation, abuse or neglect of an elderly person or disabled person and takes the further step untraversed by common law legislatures to prevent any person convicted of such offence from inheriting by reason of the death of the elderly person.
Within that familiar landscape the originality of King's project lies in the untraversed territory that he chooses to cover.
She has left untraversed the more universal, and finally more democratic story of being on foot, a terra incognita.