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incapable of being traversed

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But the grounding of both in a traumatic moment of dehumanizing separation, a separation that is narcissistic and therefore untraversable, undoubtedly exists, and the diagnosis Fanon provides of each is deeply interwoven with the other.
The resulting structural similarities only accentuate an untraversable gulf of spirit: Odysseus' fierce and decisive homecoming brings him back to everything he knows--to Ithaca, to blood-loyalty, to sons and herds and orchards.
In both cases secrecy refers to the untraversable intervals of separation (discretion) between the existent and the temporalities of his life and death.
They are either traversable (with cost one) or untraversable. The route-planning problem is to repeatedly find a shortest path between two given cells of the gridworld, knowing both what the topology of the gridworld is and which cells are currently traversable.
The shortest path changed because two cells on the original shortest path became untraversable.
Now assume that cell D1 becomes untraversable, as shown in the right gridworld of figure 2, and thus, the costs of all edges into the cell become infinity, and it is claimed that the values in the cells remain equal to the correct start distances.
As a gauge of how far the gulf between the sides has widened to an untraversable chasm, even the Spurs fans who arrived dreaming of putting the bubbly on ice knew events at Elland Road had been far more important for their team.
Indeed, he recalls their telling him that Hitler's army applied currents to the tracks of tanks in its Eastern campaign so that the vehicles could maneuver through the normally untraversable muck that characterizes Russia's spring thaw.
Other writers brave the yawning, untraversable space that can stretch between a mother and a daughter.
With the advent of wheeled vehicles, Stone Age footpaths became rutted, swampy areas became impassable, and steep grades became untraversable. The first roads (built 3,000 years ago in the Greek islands) were ruts, chiseled into rock hillsides to guide soil and water carts up to terraced fields.
These untraversable barriers include language and social/cultural differences.
The robot can move one location (cell) to the north, east, south, or west, unless this location is untraversable. All action costs are 1.
It can move one location to the north, east, south, or west, unless this location is untraversable. All action costs are one.
(Other assumptions are possible.) When it observes during plan execution that a particular location is untraversable, it corrects its map, uses the updated map to recalculate a minimal-cost path from its current location to the goal location (again making the assumption that unknown terrain is traversable), and repeats this procedure until it reaches the goal location.