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not traveled over or through



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for adventurous readers seeking to explore new and untraveled genres
We were witlings, untraveled in words, and like the ignorant everywhere, located the fault in what baffled us rather than in the puny scope of our own learning.
In doing so, they become conspicuous role models for untraveled, at-risk local youths.
Illiterate, inelegant, and untraveled, he nevertheless, because of his physical strength, his savvy and his rumored friendship with criminal big shots, acquired great prestige in my eyes.
are desolate and untraveled, and the lowing of cattle is not heard.
exploring heretofore untraveled paths for understanding the
Though untraveled, Vermeer was well connected with other artists, including Gerald Ter Borch and Dirk van Baburen, and might have been influenced by Caravaggio and Carel Fabritius, the brilliant student of Rembrandt.
Although she encounters some difficulty with the question of how the untraveled Gongora could have been familiar with Italian gardens, she concludes that in addition to probably knowing the accounts of numerous foreign travelers, he was no doubt well acquainted with such Spanish imitations as the palace gardens of Aranjuez and with the elaborate Moorish gardens of Southern Spain which in turn had served as models for Italian versions.
Auping has spent five years in preparation, and his selection ought to leave no avenue of the artist's many directions untraveled.
Many silences have accumulated through centuries of map making, and blank spaces of untraveled regions kept appearing in maps, often hidden by huge, frightening animals (as in Cornelius de Jode's Nova Guinea, Fig.
Travel is important because "[i]t is good to know something of the customs of various peoples, in order to judge our own more objectively, and so that we do not make the mistake of the untraveled in supposing that everything contrary to our customs is ridiculous and irrational" (I:4).
You can't set off down an untraveled path and expect to know every twist and turn.
A road has been revealed, a road into the world of gardening, but it may go untraveled until the time is right.
But voir dire lies ahead like Robert Frost's untraveled road.
Where the Wild Things Are, and Harriet the Spy) which would have been designated, at various times, as "radical" as well as interests which lay outside the generally accepted feminine framework of the times (and, consequently, excursions into territory previously untraveled by most women), served to mark Haviland as an extremely interesting and unique woman for her times.