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incapable of being transferred

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singularity only in its untransferable responsibility for the other.
Qatar * If the accounts of the Bank show deficit of the capital, the State should issue untransferable bonds, without proceeds, to cover the deficit.
In his The Practice of Diaspora: Literature, Translation, and the Rise of Black Internationalism Brent Hayes Edwards considers the articulation of diaspora as predicated on its own decalage, a term which he resignifies to convey the "unevenness" that marks that of diaspora which is untransferable and can never, it seems, be fully, faithfully translated (14).
What we do not have and what cannot be replaced, however, is the musical performance itself, an untransferable experience that can only be described in the most abstract and often impressionistic terms.
One's understanding of the absurd is untransferable, and even Alice herself is only slowly progressing to a more desirable state beyond the feeling of loneliness and the subsequent revolt.
Le Guen said: "None of my players is untransferable.
Twentieth Century Limited," a long probing of his father's untransferable memories of war, is a haunted exploration of the past as another country--all the more haunted when the poet realizes his own part in keeping it remote:
For it is free will that makes the person its own master (sui juris), an inalienable and untransferable "some-one" (alteri incommunicabilis).
Starting from the natural, inalienable and untransferable right of the Serb people to self-determination on the basis of which that people, as any other free and sovereign people, independently decides on its political and State status and secures its economic, social and cultural development," the Republika Srpska proudly declares itself a "[s]rate of Serb people and of all its citizens.
Hence there is nothing so personal and untransferable in each individual as merit for virtue or responsibility for sin.
Policy wonks give little recognition to the fact that the Tocquevillian model is untransferable to and unworkable in many parts of the world due to ethnohistorical legacies and the absence of a democratic tradition.
This naturally requires an explanation of difficult passages, which makes a principal part of the notes, and these, besides pointing out the historical and other references, will in various places show a propriety in the original absolutely untransferable into any other language.