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incapable of being transferred

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Anthony Martial is on nhis way to Old Trafford after being described as 'untransferable' by Monaco.
Accordingly, all sovereignty is "unalienable", "untransferable" and "indivisible".
Unlike other areas of knowledge, local knowledge and relationships are utterly untransferable.
(7) This definition considers two aspects: the psychological damage of pain and the unpleasant emotional subjective, personal, and untransferable aspect of the painful experience, summarized as suffering.
(14) Peter Orton, "Deixis and the Untransferable Text: Anglo-Saxon Colophons, Verse-Prefaces and Inscriptions," in Stephen Kelly and John J.
Questions continued to be transferred by Jim Callaghan, and indeed it was at this time that the Clerks in the Table Office devised the untransferable question "if he will list his engagements for today".
Although the argument is that perception is subjective and untransferable, (i.e., a unique personal experience) influenced by innumerable factors and bound to a specific context, there are some elements of perception which can be understood intersubjectively as they apply to human beings in general.
Paquet has described the 20-year-old Belgian as "untransferable".
The European Commission (2009) proposed a revised parental leave standard with untransferable "father's quota" in a Council Directive.
Will Pipes, Jones the Bricks, and their local untransferable bobby, Dai-Book-and-Pencil, were names which were part of a past that was changing anyway.
A total of 61 grade IV (embryos with >50% fragmentation) untransferable embryos were donated, however, only 46 embryos were studied through FISH as 15 embryos were lost during transportation and handling.
singularity, its uniqueness derived from its untransferable obligations
Qatar * If the accounts of the Bank show deficit of the capital, the State should issue untransferable bonds, without proceeds, to cover the deficit.
In his The Practice of Diaspora: Literature, Translation, and the Rise of Black Internationalism Brent Hayes Edwards considers the articulation of diaspora as predicated on its own decalage, a term which he resignifies to convey the "unevenness" that marks that of diaspora which is untransferable and can never, it seems, be fully, faithfully translated (14).
What we do not have and what cannot be replaced, however, is the musical performance itself, an untransferable experience that can only be described in the most abstract and often impressionistic terms.