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not disciplined or conditioned or made adept by training


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To the untrained eye the collection of delicate originals made by the human finger on the glass plates looked about alike; but when enlarged ten times they resembled the markings of a block of wood that has been sawed across the grain, and the dullest eye could detect at a glance, and at a distance of many feet, that no two of the patterns were alike.
Untrained human nature was not frank and innocent; it was full of the twists and defences of an instinctive guile.
Untrained, unskilled in carrying weapons, they rushed across the seas to be the sport of the farmers who cut them off or shot them down, to be a hindrance in the way of the mercenaries who fought for you.
One wild untrained female voice broke into a song, and sang it alone through a verse, and then the same verse was taken up and repeated by half a hundred strong healthy voices, of all sorts, coarse and fine, singing in unison.
She loved him so passionately, and he was so godlike in her eyes; and being, though untrained, instinctively refined, her nature cried for his tutelary guidance.
Honestly, this road is a marvellous feat for untrained labour and with such rotten odds and ends of machinery.
To Madame Ratignolle he said the music dispensed at her soirees was too "heavy," too far beyond his untrained comprehension.
Untrained older adults could be able to enjoy the same health benefits of highly trained athletes belonging to the same age group through resistance training, according to a study.
On the other hand, countless butchers, most of them untrained, are coming to Lahore, dangling their cleavers, knives and chopping blocks in search of people needing their services to slaughter sacrificial animals.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 27 (ANI): The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has stated that SpiceJet engineer Rohit Pandey, who lost his life while servicing an aircraft at Kolkata airport in the early hours of July 9, was "untrained and working without any supervision".
Responding to another question regarding aviation's incidents, he said political interference was the main reason of rapid increase in the aviation incidents as untrained and incapable pilots were appointed during the former regimes.
A nine-month-old girl, Nishwa was paralysed after being administered 'wrong injection' by 'untrained nursing staff' at the hospital earlier in April.
Nishwa, was paralysed due to a 'wrong injection' given to her by the 'untrained nursing staff' of Darul Sehat Hospital.
In Rwanda half of all abortions are done by untrained individuals.