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Synonyms for untraditional

not conforming to or in accord with tradition

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Boosting cooperation with untraditional markets was also obvious in the ministerial visits and promotional tours.
This collection of sixteen short stories by authors of young adult literature tackles love triangles, in traditional and untraditional settings, while romance is always lingering at the forefront.
Bridesmaids/flower girls: As it was an untraditional wedding the couple didn't have either of these.
Foundry patterns are already artistic in an untraditional sense.
It seeks to promote participants' capabilities for planning and implementing international joint operations, amid an untraditional environment, as well as exchanging military expertise, he added.
And with his first book out, Pana Chocolate The Recipes, Pana is keen to show that despite the untraditional ingredients, his raw vegan offerings certainly aren't taste and fun-free.
It's no secret that American architect Peter Marino has a penchant for the untraditional. His leather-heavy, all-black ensembles stand out in a profession in which unusual eyewear is about as bold as fashion statements get.
The Astravyets Nuclear Plant under construction in Belarus may be used against the three Baltic States in untraditional ways, Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaite said on Aug.
Their topics include gods wise and foolish: Euripides and Greek literature from Homer to Plutarch, wisdom through experience: Theseus and Adrastus in Euripides' Suppliant Women, the Delphic school of government: Apollonian wisdom and Athenian folly in Euripides' Ion, the language of wisdom in Sophocles' Philoktetes and Euripides' Bacchae, and the leopard-skin of Heracles: traditional wisdom and untraditional madness in a Ghanaian Alcestis.
Realizing this, Nusrat Bhutto, an untraditional Muslim woman herself, had begun searching for a suitable husband for Benazir in 1985," Libby Hughes wrote in her book Benazir Bhutto: From Prison to Prime Minister.
"What is required is to propose applicable solutions, through adopting modern techniques and encouraging the usage of untraditional water," he concluded.
Clad in a T-shirt and jeans, Al Qarmuti, known for his untraditional way of presentation, emerged from the machine carrying a piece of snow.
As an untraditional student in my mid-50s, I so appreciated the depth of his thinking, as well as his insight into the human condition.
Young Saudi men are turning against traditional looks and following latest fashion trends in clothes, accessories and even untraditional bags.