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physically untoughened


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The untoughened systems' responses showed that the hydrophobic fumed silica addition did not affect the chemistry of the resin as far as curing behavior ([T.
The systems toughened with the more compatible CTBN toughener (1300 x 13) did not show an increased toughness over the untoughened systems.
A very slight increase in the mode I toughness was seen with silica addition for the untoughened resins, possibly a result of a crack pinning mechanism and a slight increase in crack path length (26).
The toughest samples in mode II were the untoughened resins followed by those with the smallest dispersed phase inclusions in the continuous phase.
However, this reason alone is not enough to fully explain the results since the untoughened bonded resins did not show increased mode II results as they would have if mechanical interlocking was the main factor.
463 cm, and the sample thickness of the untoughened composite specimens was slightly higher at 0.
In general, the untoughened composite specimens were much more delaminated.
Consistently, the untoughened epoxy composite exhibited much lower CAI's than the toughened composite.
5 J), the tup of the instrumented impactor typically penetrated the whole thickness of both toughened and untoughened composite specimens.
Figure 5 shows the extents of damage (represented by the damage areas) as a function of measured indentation (the permanent deformation from the in-plane position after impact) for the toughened composite and the untoughened composite for each of the two impactors, respectively.
At the same indentation, the untoughened composite exhibited significantly greater damage areas than the toughened composite.
Note that the data scattering for the untoughened composite became progressively greater at higher impact energies, which was due to quite extensive damage with irregular fracture propagation in the specimens.