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Synonyms for untouchable

belongs to lowest social and ritual class in India

beyond the reach of criticism or attack or impeachment

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impossible to assail


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forbidden to the touch

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( especially used in traditional Hindu belief of the lowest caste or castes) defiling

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not capable of being obtained

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The difference in the situation then and now is that King Mahendra had wished to end the existence of those untouchable classes in the society, however, the present day leaders, by granting reservation for them, have tried to make people from this class a permanently untouchable class.
Ness's heroic efforts earned him a place in history, which is memorialised in books and a movie, The Untouchables.
"No, we've never operated with untouchables," Epstein told the media.
Given how Alexis Sanchez, the club's highest earner, was dropped against West Ham a few weeks back, clearly, there are no untouchables in this squad.
The Dalits are fed up with the multifarious myriad ways that upper-caste Hindus persecute the untouchables in everyday life.
They have been called by many names, including untouchables, outcastes, Dalits, and scheduled castes.
Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt's daughter Krishna has made her directorial debut with the web series Untouchables, which also features her father.
"We have no untouchables. No matter what position a person occupies, no matter who his relatives are, everyone pays for their crimes.
According to authorities, Peting and two of his relatives-long considered by the police as untouchables despite their alleged decade-long involvement in the drug trade-went to the office of Caloocan Mayor Oscar Malapitan at city hall on Tuesday.
"Untouchables in football, only consistency can give you that status," said Mourinho, whose side are 15th in the top flight after two wins in the opening seven games, and only just managing a draw at Newcastle on Saturday.
Touching on Untouchables GANGSTER SQUAD 15 Before we start, yes, you're right, there are definite similarities between this film and The Untouchables.
He returned to Buddhism and is also credited with providing a spark for the transformation of hundreds of thousands of untouchables to Theravada Buddhism.
In the case of the tribal-caste group of untouchables, this system was a very effective means of neutralizing resistance to outsiders by directing violence and aggression inwards.
They were joined by the 'Untouchables' - a group of six athletes and former Central News Presenter Sarah Jane Mee - as they played on a specially laid out pitch in Victoria Square, yesterday.