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of an incalculable amount

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Crayford's superb eyes looked shrewdly backward and forward between Clara and Francis Aldersley, and saw the untold sequel to Clara's story.
O, what an untold world there is in one human heart
He is not fool enough even to hope for one of those glistering masterpieces of frosted sugar and silk flowers, which rise to pinnacles of snowy sweetness, white mountains of blessedness, rich inside, they say, with untold treasures for the tooth that is sweet.
And the relief of that outweighed all the danger, which, as I discovered to my untold joy, was now much less than it had been before.
Natasha continued to look at him intently with bright, attentive, and animated eyes, as if trying to understand something more which he had perhaps left untold.
Your croaking will worry that child out of her wits, for she is an imaginative puss, and will fret and fancy untold horrors.
The latter informs the party that she bequeths untold wealth to the young pair and an awful doom to Don Pedro, if he doesn't make them happy.
The foreign words and phrases which they use have their exact equivalents in a nobler language--English; yet they think they 'adorn their page' when they say STRASSE for street, and BAHNHOF for railway-station, and so on--flaunting these fluttering rags of poverty in the reader's face and imagining he will be ass enough to take them for the sign of untold riches held in reserve.
I've had many a laugh at her perplexities and untold troubles, which she vainly strove to hide from my mockery.
Summary: Untold Stories Retold presents two exhibitions shown at UAE pavilion at Venice Biennale
When we came back to it, we wrote Joy & Electric Girls and Boys in a matter of hours and knew they belonged on the EP, along with Untold, a fan favourite we've had for years.
Pakistan's Farhat Asif has won the N-peace Award 2017 in the 'Campaigning for Action' category for 'her efforts to implement the Women, Peace and Security agenda, especially on the work she undertakes touching on sensitive cross-border issues' while Farhat Sajjad has been recognised for her commitment to education in the Untold Stories section.
Synopsis: "Chameleons: An Untold World War II Story" by Marcus A.
IANS Sushant Singh Rajput, who has won the Best Actor award for the biopic MS Dhoni: The Untold Story at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM), says he is deeply honoured by the award.
Dhoni: The Untold Story,' while the 33-year-old debutant got it for 'Udta Punjab.