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Antonyms for untipped

not provided with a special tip


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We spent ages putting this mini-behemoth together, every morning greeting work colleagues with the disposition of untipped waiters, every evening and weekend amassing stacks of information and tinkling the keyboard's polycarbonates while the world sizzled on the beach.
chain-smoked 80 untipped Gauloises a day), is contemplating having more early runners.
Not like father who ate his life-saving onions every night but started every day with a plateful of crispy bacon, eggs and fried bread followed by a couple of untipped Players while he studied the racing page.
Jennifer's on-screen smoking was criticised by health campaigners but she fiercely defended her right to continue puffing 30 untipped Woodbines a day.
The plain, untipped fact that they are spending much-needed money on a luxury which damages their families' lives seems to escape them.
The retired waste management consultant, admitted: "I used to smoke full-strength, untipped cigarettes, like Senior Service and Players.
I gave up smoking untipped French cigarettes six months ago but my complexion hasn't improved.
However, I can't let Balladeer go off untipped when he can be backed at 16-1 with Coral Eurobet, given that today's trip on soft going can bring improvement.
Adding the Velvet Cup last weekend was an unexpected and untipped bonus.
I used to smoke full-strength, untipped cigarettes, like Senior Service and Players," said Terry, a retired waste management consultant.
I was, perhaps, a little ahead of my time, what with the untipped Gauloises behind the bikeshed, the table football and the three-card brag.
They were simple, elegant, British, and potentially far more damaging to your health than a million Capstan full-strength untipped.
Old boys sip their stout and smoke their untipped ciggies.
He drinks beer, eats lots of steak, smokes untipped cigarettes and has a heart attack in his 40s.