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not plowed or harrowed or hoed

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Imagine walking through landscapes untilled, un-sown, un-fertilised and un-treated, nor grazed by cattle or sheep.
Jennifer Horne, for example, briskly surveys the academically untilled ground of American Red Cross film production and exhibition from 1916 to 1922.
Gohar Nawaz informed the court that Nawaz Sharif has untilled accounts in Samroz and Chandram Jersy companies.
But where Sifton encouraged a massive influx of mostly unschooled migrants, boatloads of prospective settlers for the as-yet untilled prairies, Kenney took a targeted approach.
This could possibly explain people shying away from taking to farming and leaving their fields untilled.
Long Point Waterfowl scientists found an average of 55 pounds of corn per acre remained in untilled fields in the late winter and early spring in southern Ontario.
Around 60 per cent of land will remain untilled and unsown this time if timely action is not taken within a week," he warned.
Later, he revealed that Season 4 of "American Horror story-Freak Show" will feature clues about the untilled Season 5 of "American Horror Story.
At that time the research and development in construction sector was not so much advanced and they untilled the method and material of construction available at that time.
Still, as her daughter plays outside in a mound of untilled soil, Mariam says bombs are not the biggest problem.
The comparison of schoolchildren to untilled soil has another significance beyond its resonance with liberal intellectual history.
From there he makes a cardinal mistake in taking Joyce's Dubliners, Moore's Untilled Field, Yeats's Essays and Introductions, and D.
The researchers tilled some plots, left others untilled, and used two different cultural practices to control weeds and apply nitrogen fertilizer.
She writes that Africa has "fully one third of the earth's remaining untilled arable land".