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Synonyms for untie

Synonyms for untie

Synonyms for untie

undo the ties of

cause to become loose


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"When I tried to untie the pupils, the proprietor and his teachers beat me up," he added.
By loosening themselves from preconceived ideas about the Blessed Mother, readers can "untie the Strong Woman" from the bonds that have been placed over her by the institutions and cultures that have tried to diminish her power, EstA[c]s asserts.
It was sliding around on the string, so I decided to untie it so that I could secure the bead on either side so it wouldn't slip around.
Federal legislation, now under consideration, would untie what has been called the "Gordian knot of American politics." An acceptable solution must afford fairness both to victims and companies, provide compensation for meritorious claims and provide predictability to industries that stopped using asbestos decades ago.
It holds securely yet is easy to release and untie.
The new design allows just one click to tie and untie. Once it is applied, the tail can be tucked away for added safety.
More than not washing anyone else's feet, someone would untie our shoes and pull off our socks for us before they washed our feet, and afterward they'd give our feet a good massage.
Rather than attempting to untie one of sociologists' Gordian knots by offering an abstract, quantitative definition of the middle class, Maureen O'Doughtery looked to her informants for an answer.
The knots that mathematicians have been studying have a slight quirk: After the theoretical knot is tied, the ends of the string are joined together so the knot can't untie. The same knot can appear in many guises, since pulling and twisting the strings can make the knot look completely different.
Q How has the aid procurement community reacted to efforts to untie aid?
Trying to forecast the timing, place, and size of traffic demands from different types of interfaces, protocols, and services is like guessing which beam will untie the knot.
Argentine physicist moves to untie universal mysteries.
The facility credits input from staff, family and residents for its ability to achieve a restraint-free environment, along with help from the Pennsylvania Department of Health's "Untie the Elderly" program and the Joint Commission's accreditation standards.
The knot baffled everyone who attempted to untie it until Alexander (soon to be the Great) came.