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Synonyms for untidy

Synonyms for untidy

marked by an absence of cleanliness and order

indifferent to correctness, accuracy, or neatness

Antonyms for untidy

not neat and tidy

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More than half of those with an untidy desk will be promoted at least 10 times in their working lives, according to a new study.
A fascinated audience listened with care, but the untidy clapping accompaniment from singers made coherent sense of the words impossible.
The glass floor is already somewhat scratched, and is intended gradually to become largely translucent, like the turbid waters of Venice: no bad thing perhaps, because the basement store (like the bottom of the lagoon) is untidy.
They entered the property and made an untidy search of all rooms and stole a video game player and software in the raid in the early evening on November 14.
GROTTY gardens, untidy driveways and dirty windows have no place to hide in one Newcastle suburb.
Such practice encourages theft and makes the cemetery untidy.
Translated, the per fect flatmate (PF) is a combination of a Cleaner (C), Mediator (M) and Funnyperson (F), without being Untidy (U), a too-needy Klingon (K) or a Thief (T).
Mr Evans is described as white, 5ft tall, of slight build, clean-shaven with grey, collar-length untidy hair.
GROWING up in an untidy home can mess up a child's mind.
It was an untidy finish to an untidy game of which both teams failed to take control.
She won't let me plant anything untidy and absolutely forbids clematis.
Raw finishes, expressed fixings, and walls painted to form blocks of strong colour have been worked into a robust and agreeably untidy composition.
An untidy search was made and an acoustic guitar, commercial power tools and a wallet containing cash and bank cards were stolen on November 3 at 10pm.
The players showed commitment right to the end of the game, it is a big result for us and stops an untidy run."
The committee welcomed the proposal which they felt was a good use for an untidy piece of disused land.