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reckless, especially in the use of material resources

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At the second week, the birds fed with excess methionine diets (diets C and D) were observed to be anorexic (lost their appetite), dull, unthrifty and started showing signs of weakness in their legs.
Toxins are produced by mature worms that destroy Red Blood Cells, due to which unthrifty anemic conditions are generated.
Affected trees do not die, but have an unthrifty appearance and yield fewer, smaller fruits than uninfested trees.
We see by proof of thy unthrifty deeds The covert kind from whence this filth proceeds.
Parasites cause the animals to be unthrifty which may include the loss of weight, low birth weights and difficulty in kidding.
Parasites cause the animals to be unthrifty which mayinclude the loss of weight, low birth weights and difficulty in kidding.
Far too late, Friar Laurence "fear[s] some ill unthrifty thing" (5.
One concern shared by almost all writers on the subject was what the moralist and politician William Prynne described in his Healthes: Sicknesse of 1628 as the 'odious, swinish and unthrifty and state-disturbing sin' of drinking healths: a culture of drinking in rounds--common to all social classes--that exacerbated public drunkenness.
3 of Richard II: "Can no man tell me of my unthrifty son?
Two types of colibacillosis are seen in different ages of rabbits: in 1- to 2-week old rabbits a severe yellowish diarrhea develops that results in high mortality and in 4- to 6-week old weaned rabbits diarrhea develops in which the intestines are fluid-filled causing death in 5 to 14 days or leaving rabbits stunted and unthrifty.
This baby, if we must give it that sweet name, seemed to be three or four months old, but, being such an unthrifty changeling, might have been considerably older.