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Synonyms for unthinking

Synonyms for unthinking

devoid of consideration for others' feelings

Synonyms for unthinking

not exhibiting or characterized by careful thought

without care or thought for others

mentally sluggish

Related Words

in a thoughtless manner

References in classic literature ?
I do not remember that I had, in all that time, one thought that so much as tended either to looking upwards towards God, or inwards towards a reflection upon my own ways; but a certain stupidity of soul, without desire of good, or conscience of evil, had entirely overwhelmed me; and I was all that the most hardened, unthinking, wicked creature among our common sailors can be supposed to be; not having the least sense, either of the fear of God in danger, or of thankfulness to God in deliverance.
Between the bare walls of a sordid staircase men clambered rapidly; their backs appeared alike--almost as if they had been wearing a uniform; their indifferent faces were varied but somehow suggested kinship, like the faces of a band of brothers who through prudence, dignity, disgust, or foresight would resolutely ignore each other; and their eyes, quick or slow; their eyes gazing up the dusty steps; their eyes brown, black, gray, blue, had all the same stare, concentrated and empty, satisfied and unthinking.
But his body, left thus without intellectual guidance, held on to the door handle with the unthinking force of an instinct.
But I beg you to allow me the superiority of the thinking reed over the unthinking forces that are about to crush him out of existence.
Now this Radney, I suppose, was as little of a coward, and as little inclined to any sort of nervous apprehensiveness touching his own person as any fearless, unthinking creature on land or on sea that you can conveniently imagine, gentlemen.
Yes, I was young and unthinking, and when the flood came, who so pleased as I?
"Does she still meditate that hopeless project--the offspring, poor angel, of her artless, unthinking generosity?
I felt assured, at first sight, that she was not a Belgian; her complexion, her countenance, her lineaments, her figure, were all distinct from theirs, and, evidently, the type of another race--of a race less gifted with fullness of flesh and plenitude of blood; less jocund, material, unthinking. When I first cast my eyes on her, she sat looking fixedly down, her chin resting on her hand, and she did not change her attitude till I commenced the lesson.
The whole object of the training to which the negro is put, from the time he is sold in the northern market till he arrives south, is systematically directed towards making him callous, unthinking, and brutal.
They were ushered, for the night, into a long room, where many other men, of all ages, sizes, and shades of complexion, were assembled, and from which roars of laughter and unthinking merriment were proceeding.
To all these stories the prince listened with unthinking credulity.
In this richest of diggings it cost out by their feverish, unthinking methods another dollar was left hopelessly in the earth.
The most powerful country in the world is run by a man with a fragile temperament and an out-sized ego who is a serial liar, a sexual predator and an unthinking bully.
Anybody now using the park, or letting their children play, should be aware of the health dangers from cuts from glass or metal encrusted in soil that are the result of unthinking or callous behavour by individuals who have no care for others.
Instead he's possessed of an unthinking sense of predatory entitlement as he begins a toxic campaign of terror against the town's womenfolk, making for a challenging change of tone for Pitch Perfect star Elizabeth Banks, who plays his mother.