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Synonyms for untenable

Synonyms for untenable

(of theories etc) incapable of being defended or justified


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Before the 1938 enactment of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), workers often faced subsistence wages and untenably long work hours.
In mid-October, 2013 UN OCHA was using an untenably, indeed preposterously low figure of 1.4 million.
The storyline involves a 20-year drought that has caused a terrific water shortage that makes the flushing of private toilets untenably wasteful.
Many in America see our possession of nuclear weapons and that of the other major nuclear powers in the world while we continue to thwart the nuclear ambitions of nations like Iran, as untenably imperialistic.
women in the late 1960s and early 1970s an untenably unified concept of
According to one study, seven percent of packages did not arrive at their destination by the promised delivery date; while that number is better than the 12% rate from 2013, it still remains untenably high.
(382) "In my view," Justice Thomas wrote, "the tribes either are or are not separate sovereigns, and our federal Indian law cases untenably hold both positions simultaneously." (383) But this "untenable]" approach reflects how early federal officials thought about Native sovereignty: from the beginning, American policymakers conceived of Native nations as separate, but lesser, sovereigns.
Arbaces cannot reconcile his desires and impulses to his expected persona, but this inability appears, given the untenably artificial demands of that persona, to render him the kind of man idealized by Montaigne: "The most beautiful of souls are those universal ones which are open and ready for anything, untaught perhaps but not unteachable" (741).
that the war is terrible madness, Kollwitz writes of her "untenably
She called the dismissal of certiorari "especially regrettable" because the case "appear[ed] to be illustrative of larger, systemic problems." (144) She lamented that 22% of pending cases in New Orleans were more than a year old, that Calcasieu Parish had a 501-day (16.5 month) average time between arrest and trial, and that indigent defenders had untenably high caseloads across the state.
Hegel's system untenably presupposes the movement of this identity from the immediate content of Reason, the infinite potency of being, to the stage of reflection.
Moreover, what is now construed as the inevitable break-down of untenably fragile states has long been regarded as the key to state stability and resilience.
To remedy poverty, writers focused on changing the conditions under which farmland was acquired and disposed of, as well as changing the pricing structure for Alberta's agricultural products, which were perceived to be bought by eastern Canadians for untenably low prices.
The modern respect for the competence and primacy of Congress in matters affecting commerce developed only after one of this Court's most chastening experiences, when it perforce repudiated an earlier and untenably expansive conception of judicial review in derogation of congressional commerce power.
In these peculiar time-spaces what are the central pivots through which subjectivity, agency and power are being worked out, creatively re-produced, morphed or transformed, and with what effect on untenably un-homely time-spaces?