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Synonyms for untenable

Synonyms for untenable

(of theories etc) incapable of being defended or justified


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Untenable, unreasonable, inconclusive, and preposterous!'
But, unfortunately, that last hypothesis is untenable after an examination of the door--it's of oak, solid and massive.
A swollen conscience caused him to see and hear even more than was warranted by his position, and his uncompromising nature compelled him to act on whatsoever he heard or saw: a savage custodian of public morals, he had in addition a perverse enthusiasm for lost causes, loved a minority for its own sake, and untenable tenets for theirs.
Directly the full force of the hurricane had struck the ship, every part of her deck became untenable; and the sailors, dazed and dismayed, took shelter in the port alleyway under the bridge.
"And I think that the circumstances surrounding her current position with that company is that it became a bit untenable, and I suppose it was with a heavy heart that she had to do the right thing and leave."
LISA Armstrong has been dropped as a make-up artist for Britain's Got More Talent after 10 years on the show - because it was "untenable" working with ex Ant McPartlin.
Summary: Speaking on behalf a meeting of electricity generator owners, Abdo Saade told Voice of Lebanon radio (100.3) Monday that the owners are not making threats, but are instead responding to a decision that will make their business untenable.
Owner Derek Beaumont has confirmed his position is "untenable" should Centurions, as expected, miss out on the Championship top four at the weekend.
Board chairman Mr Hardwick said: "He said my position was untenable. I said I didn't think it was untenable.
Members of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Benue State chapter, have said the demand of the members of the Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) were baseless and untenable.
The ridiculous untenable David Atkinson, north west In 2012, the service in Greater Manchester was put out to tender.
DAN Ashworth's position as technical director of the Football Association is "untenable", according to former FA board member Heather Rabbatts.
'If you are in the communications office of the government, tama 'yung sinabi ng isa nating resource person, it's very untenable. Mahirap balansehin ang personal at opisyal.
"This puts officers in an untenable situation because if they are in arrears, and they inform their department, they might lose their job."
His opponents won and Johnson resigned as he felt his position was untenable.