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defying expression or description

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untellable, while simultaneously, through her silence, she conveys its
Against decorum, no doubt, but surely part of the point is that here, at the end of this play, decorum has failed, has revealed itself as the mask for almost untellable savagery and pain.
Now there's a big white cloud, as on all these days, all this untellable time.
I started to wonder to what extent we all carry an untold version, the untellable truth of our own existence, folded tightly away within ourselves.
Gape and her place in poetry here is complicated by Woolf's concurrent experimentation with voice in the "Cook Sketch." (7) In the sketch we find an attempt to recount the, according to Woolf, "untellable" story of Mrs.
He laments that no poet has ever succeeded in singing an epic of peace: "Was ist denn am Frieden dass es nicht auf die Dauer begeistert und dass sich von ihm kaum zu erzahlen lasst?" [What is wrong with peace that its inspiration does not endure and that it is almost untellable?] This sentiment is particularly appropriate for the early Middle Ages.
If our lenses could see even farther, we might glimpse the cosmos of untellable gravity: alogos.
He has sifted myriad "histories and mysteries / of meaning, with the gist still undigested." That is, with the untellable essence of love still untold.
His willingness to try to tell the untellable helps him to take action in improving his life.
At one point in the novel the narrator fantasizes about his brother becoming a well-known poet, saying that he "understood the need for poetry because language can never be trusted and what the world doesn't need is another long story and all the real stories have become untellable anyway" (129).
Through a "memory shriven clean as Kansas state line" (Ortiz 23), Ortiz tells the untellable thing that is not quite a story, bur rather a sense, something that "feels like a story" (Ortiz 18).
Richard Landon's "Sport Fiction and the Untellable: Cliche and Language in Don DeLillo's End Zone" takes a narrower approach, explicating one issue (language) as it appears in a single sport novel.
The dramatic tension of the Trilogy, to my mind, is found in the disjunction that opens up between the time of narrative, the chain of increasingly untellable and untenable stories, and the nonnarratable time of the narrative voice.
These are the saddest of possible campuses, Michigan, Cornell and Penn; Sad as the morgue where the corpse of a grampus is, Michigan, Cornell and Penn; Teams that are heavy with anguish untellable, Built up of backs who are brittle and fellable, Built up of forwards whose line play is hellable, Michigan, Cornell and Penn.
Amnesia is Chris's way of performing the untellable" (2009: 4).