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Antonyms for unswept

not swept or having sweep


not having been swept

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The uneven pavements are treacherous, especially in winter when the mulch, from the unswept autumnal fall, makes them nigh on impossible to navigate.
The waterflood sweep efficiency, however, is not very high, leaving large amount of unswept oil behind.
Thus, oil is bypassed by injected water and leads to lots of unswept oil in the relatively lower permeability region.
I routinely come across shards of smashed glass on pavements that are sometimes left unswept for months on end.
My goodness, what a filthy and terrible state with its unswept pavements, channels and gutters.
The remaining oil of the unswept regional, whose relative permeability is lower, is started.
[12] on a very flexible high aspect ratio unswept wing, where, due to the extreme bending, the lateral lift component acting out-of-plane overcomes the bending moment reduction caused by the wing tip shortening and leads to higher bending moment predicted by the nonlinear analysis.
(41.) Joel Feinberg, Some Unswept Debris from the Hart-Devlin Debate, 72 SYNTHESE 249, 259-60 (1987).
It can be used to estimate and predict the unswept fraction of the reservoir by water injection and the additional oil recovery potential.
Ruth seems to have this in mind the night she speaks of "sheltered water" as domesticated though disordered: "Set apart from the drifts and tides and lucifactions of the open water, the surface of the bay seemed almost viscous, membranous, and here things massed and accumulated, as they do in cobwebs or in the eaves and unswept corners of a house" (113).
The reason for this is that the drastic viscosity difference between water and oil within the reservoir promotes the fingering and/or channeling of the injected water through the oil zone, which leaves a great volume of oil uncontacted (unswept) behind the water front.
Ford should come back and find her in an unswept room, pallid and insane?
Debris left from repairs to the potholed roads remains unswept weeks later, despite several requests, causing hazard to road users.
It features three engines and a very thin, unswept wing, tapered with a sharp leading edge and a slightly curved airfoil.