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Antonyms for unsuspected

not suspected or believed likely


References in classic literature ?
The way opened (unseen by the parents, and unsuspected by the children) through the first event that happened after Mr.
While this important announcement lay unsuspected in Mr.
She knew unsuspected corners that were secretly occupied by little old couples.
And, all unsuspected, those missiles the Martians had fired at us drew earthward, rushing now at a pace of many miles a second through the empty gulf of space, hour by hour and day by day, nearer and nearer.
And D'Artagnan had time, therefore, to watch Bazin unsuspected.
Yet it is my impression that there is in London, undetected and unsuspected, a marvellous system of German espionage, a company of men who have sold themselves to the enemy, whose names we should have considered above reproach.
Of only one thing was he sure, and that was that whatever she said or did was bound to be unexpected and unsuspected. There seemed, too, something almost hysterical in her make-up.
For more than a year I managed, unsuspected, to keep the Privy Purse fairly supplied by the exercise of my caricaturing abilities.
United by a spiritual bond, undiscovered and unsuspected by us in the flesh, did we two, who had met as strangers on the fatal bridge, know each other again in the trance?
Inchb are's incomplete description of him for his own escape from detection, he was wondering how it had happened that he had remained unsuspected, while Geoffrey's position had been (in part at least) revealed to view.
THE Nigerian Army has warned foreign governments against interfering in Nigeria's domestic issues, describing a statement credited to United Kingdom, which accused the military of undue involvement in the governorship election in Rivers State as baseless, untrue and capable of misleading unsuspected members of the public.
The title was very apt: a game of chess--with deep, often hidden moves unsuspected until the final checkmate.
Ortom accused the opposition party, APC in the state of indulging in tactics going about collecting and buying PVCs from unsuspected members of the public with a view to enrolling them in the federal government school feeding program.
In 56 percent of patients, the findings impacted management, including previously unsuspected diagnoses and therapeutic management changes in 19 and 37 percent, respectively.