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Synonyms for unsusceptible

having the capacity to withstand

not capable of being affected or impressed

Synonyms for unsusceptible

not susceptible to

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For data analyses a total mean construct score was computed (0 = Unsusceptible for doping, 4 = Highly susceptible for doping).
Although its unelected members serve indefinite terms, confidence in the court is not unsusceptible to a drop in confidence in government as a whole.
efforts against terrorism, the "war on terror" formulation makes claims of national security "broad and malleable." (142) This suggests that judicial decisionmakers find war metaphors difficult to assess and worse, perhaps renders programs unsusceptible to rational review.
In recent past phenotypically different varieties of shisham have also been grouped under resistance susceptible and unsusceptible varieties on the basis of their relative resistance to dieback disease (Javaid et al.
(70) The Court's opinion as to the unconstitutional nature of the federal initiative was based on constitutional conventions deemed to be ontologically political and thus unsusceptible to juridification.
(9) The significant aspect of Hawthorne's reactions, however, is that he acknowledges the structure's architectural originality while simultaneously using it to define England and the English as inherently regressive: it is "unlike anything else in England: uncongenial with the English character, without privacy, destitute of mass, weight and shadow; unsusceptible of ivy, lichens, or any mellowness of age" (21:359).
However, to the extent that the starting point of our analysis is a society that derives its wealth through productive measures--division of labor, accumulation of capital, and entrepreneurship--thus clearly acting on the belief in their efficacy and moral worth, it should be thought of as singularly unsusceptible to methods of subjection mentioned above (Friedman 1989, pp.
Like Spivak's translation, Sedgwick's reparation 'assumes that the line between words and things or between linguistic and non-linguistic phenomena is endlessly changing, permeable, and entirely unsusceptible to any definitive articulation' (Touching Feeling, p6).
Hamilton claims the executive power is necessarily broad and unsusceptible of enumeration.
The intravacuolar localization of chloroquine gives rise to a substantial leakage of [H.sup.+] outside the DV in CQ resistant unsusceptible strains [77].
Moreover, portfolios that are unsusceptible to a particular factor can be constructed by selecting assets, such that their weighted sum (i.e., loadings treated as weights) is zero.
cultural knot: entirely unsusceptible to purgation, it constantly
Certain anatomical sites like scalp, eyelids, axillae, groin, perineum, midline of back and a transverse strip of skin over lumbosacral region are considered relatively unsusceptible to the development of leprosy by many workers.
Throughout the whole ordeal, readers are told, due to the strength of her character, Noerani remains unsusceptible to her communist milieu.