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Synonyms for unsupportable

so unpleasant or painful as not to be endured or tolerated

Words related to unsupportable

not able to be supported or defended

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'We dare say that the grounds relied on by the court in refusing the Hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative's application for joinder are untenable and unsupportable in law,' the coalition said in the statement.
Any other conclusion would be arbitrary, unsupportable by scientific fact or rational argument, divorced from objective reality, and based on a particular ideology, philosophy or creed."
These intellectually and morally unsupportable positions foster pervasive inequality that results in serious consequences for women's health, economic security, gender expression and ability to lead.
The problem is with the secretary of state and the attorney general spiking titles and making them virtually unsupportable. This is what you get when you have one party rule.
That was right before the Internet boom went bust and the IPO he had planned and the major investments his company had made in building a better Internet platform turned into unsupportable overhead and it all had to be dismantled.
But the idea of creating constitutionally protected monopolies for specific companies and their investors is unsupportable. We'd feel that way even if the company actually were from Arkansas.
Also unsupportable are the claims she makes about income generated and jobs created by shooting.
Finally, the New Zealand Medical Association's ethical position on PAD is unsupportable --nor have they consulted their members on it.
Home prices in the Bay area have risen to a level unsupportable by area income.
against such expense, making that politically unsupportable for any political party.
His legal arguments, they write, are based on "a stunning lack of any controlling legal authority to support his unsupported and unsupportable claims ...
Sotir Kostov in Dnevnik criticizes the events of the left-wing party and its supporters who according to him, continuously "honk" that allegedly Macedonia is falling apart because of the incapability of VMRODPMNE party, that life in Macedonia is unsupportable and the standard of living is worse than in the most underdeveloped countries in Africa.
Or must they sit back and take it while their facilities are used to support a point of view that they find unsupportable?
But ICHRI said, "Claims that the authorities can selectively implement Internet filtering based on content identification of a website or a social net work are technically unsupportable. Iran does not have the ability to implement Internet filtering based on selective content identification.
The discontinuity was jarring--the articles before hers had been science-based, tied to the observable degradation of our world, yet here was an advertisement for the alleged service to the poor by the Episcopalian church, along with an undefined exploration of something she called "God's Creation." Bingham is entitled to her beliefs, just as I am entitled to see her notions as unsupportable, particularly given the establishment church's tax-avoidance schemes and ongoing support of corporate ecological devastation.