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Synonyms for unsupportable

so unpleasant or painful as not to be endured or tolerated

Words related to unsupportable

not able to be supported or defended

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I am delighted the council wishes to look at opening up the river but think the projects should be based on simple reality and not be hyped-up by unsupportable claims.
AS NICK CLEGG was trying to justify his coalition government''s spending cuts imposed on Liverpool in front of students from Southport, his fellow Liberal Democrat, councillor Richard Kemp, was doing his best to support the unsupportable by shifting the blame on "the gross incompetence of civil servants that ministers had to be seen to justify" (ECHO, February 9).
While the pioneering age of joint replacement has come to an end, the future sees a younger, heavier, and more active and longer-lived patient population placing ever more demands on joint bearings and supporting structures, and all this in the context of the possibility of the expense of research becoming unsupportable, particularly for developing countries.
Their transport costs are becoming unsupportable so a duty cut would have been the best Christmas present.
This is finally a breakthrough on one of the 'holy grail' limiting factors of tall buildings -- that is, the height to which a single elevator could operate before the weight of the steel rope becomes unsupportable over that height," he said.
After exposing Singh, one of the PGA Tour's most respected and hardest working golfers, to public humiliation and ridicule for months, and forcing Singh to perform the type of scientific analyses and review the PGA Tour was responsible for performing, the PGA Tour finally admitted the grounds on which it sought to impose discipline were specious and unsupportable.
Ministers, led by Iain Duncan Smith, are saying that the cost to the nation of supporting pensioners under the present arrangements, is becoming unsupportable due to the longer lives that so many are living.
It's medically unsupportable for a doctor to encourage young growing children to lose weight, by whatever means, without medical supervision.
Researchers at Purdue University who helped analyze survey responses and put together the report have said that the data, included in a press release titled "Businesses Lose More than $1 Trillion in Intellectual Property Due to Data Theft and Cybercrime," was scientifically unsupportable.
Asia's rising middle classes has led to an unsupportable demand for shark fins for soup which has increased the slaughter of sharks to such a great extent that 16 species of sharks, fins and rays in the Gulf are IUCN Red Listed as vulnerable, endangered or threatened worldwide.
He also pointed out that the report's conclusions 'rest on a highly selective reading of the record, and unsupportable leaps in logic and inference'.
While "fantastic and largely unsupportable claims have been made" regarding Hadoop and MapReduce's use cases and benefits, "there can be no doubt that it does provide a relatively low-cost means of deriving considerable value from very large collections of unorganized data," IDC analysts Carl Olofson and Dan Vesset wrote in the report.
Funding for medical procedures rests on a determination of "medical necessity" The rally pamphlet referenced by Dana asserts that abortion does not meet this test for funding and so is unsupportable on the government's own terms.
Obviously Europe is falling short of providing Bulgarians with confidence that it can handle the crisis stemming from unsupportable debt loads in countries like Greece, Portugal and Ireland and the looming crisis in Italy.
And the carbon costs of all the civil engineering works are unsupportable and outweigh any marginal reductions in air traffic to the capital.