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with no sugar added

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When picked up, the strawberries will be unsugared, sliced and packed in plastic pails.
"She woke up early, drank a cup of strong unsugared coffee, then sat down at her word processor.
The 24g Mini Ring Doughnut, supplied in a convenient 90-unit case, is unsugared to enable caterers to finish the product as they wish.
The 24g Mini Ring Doughnut is unsugared to allow it to be finished by the caterer or retailer, while the 50g Fun Size Ball Doughnut (pictured top left) is a mini alternative to the established sugared jam ball doughnut.
If fresh blueberries aren't available, use frozen unsugared ones (don't thaw before adding).
Porridge or muesli, unsugared unprocessed breakfast cereals with milk, release the energy slowly into the child's brain over about three hours.
These do give a burst of vitamins and mineral but so does a bowl of whole grain, unsugared cereal eaten at breakfast time - a better option.
She's as natural and unsugared and wholesome as one of those pots of vegan yoghurt.