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Synonyms for unsuccessfulness

the condition of not achieving the desired end

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We continue on the concept of unsuccessfulness of the customer-support service.
These mothers also showed greater subjective distress (i.e., increased negative affect; decreased positive affect; and increased self-ratings of unpleasantness, unsuccessfulness, and ineffectiveness).
His work also prompts intriguing questions regarding ethnic influences, the effect of the Irish immigrants who were 'prone to riot', for example; and of how the morality of the crowd related to the morality of the wider society, and whether collective forms of action changed because of the unsuccessfulness of previous forms.
In the financial literature, there are non-distinct terms including distress, failure, commercial unit's unsuccessfulness, bankruptcy, insolvency, and so forth.
In a special report done by Moo'ini and his colleagues [20], he suggested that some of main elements of construction schemes unsuccessfulness are the prolongation of scheme execution, which caused delirious costs and insufficient effectiveness and also environmental elements and inconstancy in policymaking and international difficulties and impossibility of providing necessary credit.