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Synonyms for unsubtle

easily seen through due to a lack of subtlety

Synonyms for unsubtle

lacking subtlety


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The observatory soon discovered that its female computers, unsubtly known as "Pickering's harem," performed the work more effectively than their male counterparts, despite earning less than half as much.
As "Good Girls Revolt" depicts it, the men got by lines while the women did most, if not all, of the actual work--in the glorified secretary position of "researcher." The newsroom is unsubtly split-level; the men sit on an elevated platform, while the women crowd together in "the pit," a half-flight of stairs down.
In contrast, Andrew Farrant and Edward McPhail argue that recent commentators have correctly, albeit unsubtly, interpreted Hayek's thesis as applicable to something far short of a full command economy (Farrant and McPhail 2010a, 2010b, 2010c).
However, it is this bizarre array of objects that appear to have -- very unsubtly -- made
'I'm Sal Greenwood, and this is my grandfather, George Greenwood.' Oh no - was she being unsubtly coy, hoping he'd pick up on the matching surnames?
Allardyce is man of belligerent self-belief: he believes he should have got the England job instead of Steve McClaren in 2006, and rather unsubtly says he was "shocked" that England failed to qualify for Euro 2008.
Indeed, the novel's subtitle, A Myth Retold, unsubtly nudges readers toward the novel's mythic undercurrent.
With the final episode entitled, rather unsubtly, Two Graves it seems quite likely.
The majority of their comments and memes were indirectly or unsubtly referring to Kim's famous booty, which they were more than keen on getting a glimpse of!
Although they hold little explanatory power, the above continuities hint unsubtly at the intimate connection between the camp and the bunker.
Concern about this was clearly evident in Kenny's (2010a) thoughtful yet unsubtly titled review of Studies in Meaning 4, "Can We Award a Medal for 'Vaguery in the Field'?" He criticized the volume for what he perceived to be its overly inclusive definition of constructivism:
But victory was moreover a triumph of boldness and caution, unsubtly blended.
"I and You is a sharp and vigorous political satire, well-drawn and reasonably deftly if unsubtly handled.
Last year, she and two other Labour AMs were in favour of a smacking ban and were unsubtly shuffled over to another committee because they were likely to vote against the government position.