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not servile or submissive


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Whereas Rodo's silence is, as Montero shows, "absolute" and "without a whimper" (1997a, 26), so that homoerotics are "silenced into submission" (1997b, 103), Caballero's narrative persistently communicates; his silence, as it were, is defiantly unsubmissive. In Epistemology of the Closet, Eve Sedgwick has discussed the importance of silence as a communicative tool for the development of closeted aesthetics.
Le cours d'economie reelle d'un depute LREM aux insoumis [An LREM deputy's real economy course to an unsubmissive party member].
In Playground, my attempt was to capture the spirit of the young men, their unsubmissive ability to parody the very derogatory language they themselves had been insulted with by the dominant culture throughout their whole lives.
Sennacherib, the great king [Sin-ah-eri-ba Sarru rabu],/ the mighty king, king of the universe, king of Assyria [Assur],/ king of the four quarters [of the earth], the wise shepherd,/ favorite of the great gods, guardian of the right,/ lover of justice, who lends support,/ who comes to the aid of the needy, who turns [his thoughts] to pious deeds,/ perfect hero, mighty man,/ first among all princes,/ the powerful one who consumes/ the unsubmissive, who strikes the wicked with the thunderbolt;/ the god Assur, the great mountain, an unrivaled kingship/ has entrusted to me, and above all those/ who dwell in palaces, has made powerful my weapons ...
Rathbun related a number of stories that reflected Lee as both drunken and unsubmissive to male authority.
Inspired by a niece whose prospects narrowed when her parents became conservative, Al Mansour invented young Wadjda, an ebulliently unsubmissive teen who wants nothing more than to buy her own bicycle, despite local taboos that forbid girls from such simple pleasures.
Indeed, if these sexually active lesbians are placed under the 'eyes of power' and the state's surveillance, it is because they are the supreme symbols of what could be called unsubmissive African women who reject the passive and enduring role that the patriarchal African society generally imposes on women in sexual intercourse.
leaders of being unorthodox in doctrine, unsubmissive to authority, and tainted by their association with people of questionable repute.
1995) (Leaphart, J., dissenting) (discussing church practice of subjecting a wife to exorcism "to rid herself of the 'evil unsubmissive spirits'--the spirits which caused her to speak up for herself and to exercise authority rather than completely submit to her husband").
He's traditional, while you're a modern, unsubmissive woman.
While an undergraduate at UCLA, Wong had already blurred some of the standard racial boundaries imposed on Asian women by changing her appearance and presenting a decidedly unsubmissive persona.
All the proud unsubmissive foreigners, who did not fear ..., (67)
Despite the apparently absolute and irresistible domination of the two Cold-war superpowers during the fifties and sixties and their capacity to determine the course of a history "totally unsubmissive to human thought and volition," Mauriac, according to Bracher, "posits the unfathomable autonomy of human beings" and denies "that this history has the last word [...] there exists for Mauriac a part of human being that cannot be subsumed by events, dissolved into some material process, or reduced to a chain of causes and effects" (54).