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(botany) of leaf shapes

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(41) This included 80,486 unimproved lots and 1,855 unsubdivided acres.
Bonaventure had actually registered a subdivision plan for the southerly tier of the quarter section, and a series of industrial lots along the southern boundary had been created, leaving about 127 acres unsubdivided. The takings for road widenings comprised a 3.43-acre strip along the westerly boundary of the 127 acres and a 0.30-acre strip along one of the industrial lots (Lot 11, containing 1.51 acres) that had been created along the southerly boundary of the parcel.
Kingsmill, who had purchased unsubdivided blocks from her (see Table 1).
Unsubdivided land, from this perspective, is like an exhaustible natural resources such as oil, and the theory of the optimal rate of subdivision is akin to the theory of the optimal rate of exploitation of an exhaustible resource.
each), one island lot to remain for public access, and the unsubdivided
[45] She had experience negotiating the purchase of undeveloped and unsubdivided properties, obtaining zoning and subdivision approval of residential subdivisions, and negotiating contracts with utilities for water, sewer, gas, and electric services.