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remove the strap or straps from

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The flights would include 15 minutes in space and a chance to experience weightlessness when the captain makes the announcement: "Ladies and gentlemen, you may now unstrap yourselves and float around the cabin.
But for the more active there's always the option of a swim before lunch perhaps, or to unstrap one of the thoughtfully included bikes on deck and take a quick spin into the hinterland.
This allows the pilot to exit the jet without having to unstrap from the ejection seat.
When I get to a location where I'm going to erect my stand, I lay my backpack down, unstrap the treestand, take the tree step pouch out of the top of the pack, then sling the pouch over my shoulder.
He wanted to take off his head, he'd begun wanting to unstrap.
It seems, as one moves from poem to poem, that the earth of a certain hopelessness does not foreclose the possibility of hope after all, or at least some kind of transcendence, since the speaker momentarily longs "to finally unstrap from my skin and rise up as soft smoke the way they said it might happen.
Don't turn the engine on until kids are strapped in, and do not unstrap kids until the engine is off.
Hung is a lighthearted look at a long-standing taboo lesbian fantasy--to unstrap the dildo and harness and to know firsthand how it feels to fuck with a penis.
Unstrap and extend, and you'll come to appreciate what is provided.
Once SpaceShipTwo reaches 360,000ft, the six passengers - paying EUR150,000 each - will unstrap their seatbelts and experience weightlessness and take in incredible panoramic views of the Earth.
In two months time, after receiving some of the required parts, Malloy plans to unstrap the bike from the ropes that attach it to the ground "to see what happens" and test whether it flies steadily.
Approaching it gingerly - five years ago I'd seen one of these mules explode into a tirade - I manage to unstrap the saddlebag and free it from the mule's foot.
He had to unstrap the seat belt, swim downward, get out of the parachute harness, inflate the life vest, rise to the surface, and climb into a floating inflatable raft.
Later on, down at the speakeasy, they would unstrap their watch .