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not sterilized


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Don't have a dirty office or unsterilized instruments when your first patient arrives in the morning.
A few days before Oregonians lost their minds over the dangers of self-serve gas stations, social media went equally nuts over a New York Times story about wealthy dilettantes spending small fortunes on unfiltered, untreated, and unsterilized "raw" spring water.
Marler was commenting on the latest Silicon Valley fad of consuming untreated, unfiltered, unsterilized, "raw water," which is being sold at select stores for as much as $60.99 for a two-and-a-half-gallon jug.
Dubai: Dirty scissors and unsterilized combs are just a few of the offences found in some hair salons across Dubai.
ISLAMABAD -- Medical experts on Monday said customers in nail salons and barbershops may be at high risk for hepatitis and other blood-born infection, through the use of unsterilized tools.
Also is the use of unsterilized surgical and dental instruments, roadside dentists and barbers.
Champa Fernando, Secretary, Kandy Association for Community Protection through Animal Welfare in a press release pointed out, Health Ministry has to engage a handful of private veterinarians on contract to sterilize dogs once a year in limited areas resulting in a bounty of a bank of unsterilized dog emerging in a never-ending unabated cycle of non-sterilized dogs?
It is usually collected in unsterilized containers without refrigeration and sold in a jar or plastic bag.
Tetanus can easily be contracted with the use of unsterilized or rusty nails,' said Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Ubial in a separate interview.
Hepatitis B and C are transmitted through transfusion of blood and blood products, unsterilized needles/syringes particularly by I/V drug abuser, dental procedures, scissors / razors in barber shop, piercing of nose and ears and fluid secretions e.g.
Zubaida Masood further stated that majority of patients coming from interior of Sindh are Hepatitis B or C carrier and it is due to re-use of disposable syringes, unsterilized glass syringes, dental equipment and unnecessary use of injections.
Un-screened blood transfusion (74.4%), hair cut or shaving at the barber's shop (74%), and reuse of needles and unsterilized surgical instruments (72%) were also said as the cause of disease spread.
Nor has he set out to create a complete and unsterilized history of humanism, conventional wisdom and prejudice be damned.
The experiment was performed in two sets one with sterilized biorational and the other with unsterilized biorational , medium was kept sterilised for both the sets.
The same punishment now goes for using unsterilized tools.