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not sterilized


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Strong capital inflows and unsterilised reserve accumulation have led to a build-up in liquidity in the banking system.
Germs from unsterilised tools, if used during operations, can infect open wounds and cuttings, and eventually kill a patient.
These impacts include pain, haemorrhage, HIV transmission due to unsterilised instruments, post-traumatic stress disorder, urine and menstrual fluid retention due to infibulation (Type III FGC), flashbacks, scarring and obstetric fistula.
Commenting on factors which had led to the spread of hepatitis, Dr Hashmani said unhygienic conditions, use of unsterilised dental equipment by quacks, reuse of syringes and blades used by barbers were the major causes behind the spread of the deadly disease.
But one recent evening, there was a glittering rack of it: glass orbs containing 2.5 gallons of what is billed as"raw water" " unfiltered, untreated, unsterilised spring water, $36.99 each and $14.99 per refill, bottled and marketed by a small company called Live Water.
[9] In this study, there is no marked difference in the incidence of ovarian cysts in sterilised or unsterilised women.
Unsterilised cloth and other practices makes them susceptible to urinary tract infections and other problems.
Made by cuttinng small incissions onto a girls back and arms which is meant to keep her husbands interest and keep horn from straying, girls are usually prone to infections and are at risk of catching HIV/Aids because it is performed with an unsterilised blade.
Most work in unsterilised studios - often just a kitchen or garden shed - that risk spreading dangerous infections such as hepatitis and HIV.
Wounds and instruments went unsterilised until Joseph Lister, professor of surgery at Glasgow University, pioneered antiseptic in the late 1860s.
Dehydrogenase activity ([micro]g TPF [g.sup.-1] [h.sup.-1]) was calculated as the difference between unsterilised and sterilised samples.
Unsafe practices like cutting the birth cord with unsterilised materials, and the application of substances such as ash, surma (lead-based concoction), oil and even cow dung are common in many rural areas of Pakistan.
Citing the case of Rhodesian Ridgeback, Romeo, who was recently diagnosed with the cancer, Dr Elliot said unsterilised pets face the biggest risk.