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Synonyms for unsteady

Synonyms for unsteady

Synonyms for unsteady

subject to change or variation

not firmly or solidly positioned


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"I asked her to sit down with her being unsteady on her feet.
The classical Chebyshev polynomials can provide remarkable solution resolution near the boundaries [3], but this feature of the Chebyshev polynomials is not favorable for current unsteady problems for its high potential outcome of the numerical instability.
The prosecution told the court witnesses described him being "drunk" and "unsteady, wobbly, with altered speech".
He told the court his client also denied being "unsteady on his feet" and said: "He does not accept being unsteady on his feet, he tells me he was a bit shaken by what had happened."
Therefore, 5Hz maximum oscillation frequency of dampers and airfoils is considered sufficient to investigate unsteady aeroacoustic cabin noise.
With aircraft forced to motion in step response form, the static derivative and each single dynamic derivative can be quickly simulated from the identification of unsteady aerodynamic forces and moments.
In this work, the finite element solution for the unsteady magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) flow of an electrically conducting, incompressible viscous fluid past through porous medium between two parallel plates in the presence of a transverse magnetic field and Hall effect is considered.
| Sandy is clearly struggling with Ashley's news and becomes upset and unsteady
Research has progressed from steady flow in circular geometries [5-7]; flow through patient-specific arteries created from medical images [8, 9]; unsteady flow driven by fluctuating pressure waveforms [10] with both Newtonian and non-Newtonian constitutive models for blood viscosity [11-13].
A liquid droplets phase transformation cycle combines condensing, unsteady and equilibrium evaporation modes [tau] [equivalent to] 0 / [[tau].sub.co] / [[tau].sub.nf] / [[tau].sub.f] An intensive interaction of heat and mass transfer processes sets when a heat supplying conditions for droplets are rapidly changing.
This article addresses the unsteady three dimensional flow of a Jeffrey fluid with heat transfer effects.
Unfortunately, however, the capabilities of current-generation CFD software remain limited, and do not meet industrial needs in terms of efficiency and accuracy, especially when it comes to modelling unsteady vortex-dominated flows.
GILLIAN Taylforth has been banned from driving for two years after being so "intoxicated" that she was unsteady on her feet.
Mr White told the hearing at Caernarfon his mother had become increasingly unsteady on her feet and her eyesight was deteriorating.