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Synonyms for unsteadiness

the quality or condition of being physically unsteady

the quality or condition of being erratic and undependable

Synonyms for unsteadiness

the quality of not being steady or securely fixed in place

the quality of being unsteady--varying and unpredictable

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Other conditions that can make you vulnerable to falls include peripheral neuropathy, which can cause numbness in the feet, and neurological impairments that cause unsteadiness, such as Parkinson's disease.
A 39-year-old woman had bilateral progressive hearing loss and chronic unsteadiness for five years.
The questionnaire that was used to assess the correlation with depression and the presence of neuropathy was the DNSS, which consists of answering yes or no to the following items: 1) unsteadiness on walking (desequilibrio ao caminhar in Portuguese), 2) pain, burning, or aching legs or feet, 3) prickling sensations in the legs or feet, and 4) numbness of the legs or feet.
Fellows's life is defined by headaches, blackouts, paranoia, and a constant state of unsteadiness that is only marshaled by the concepts in Marcus Aurelius's writing.
Symptoms of BVH may consist of oscillopsia, unsteadiness, and moving difficulties especially in the dark and on uneven surfaces.
Due to his unsteadiness we elected to march straight back off.
It's a transformative performance reminiscent of Daniel Day-Lewis' stellar work in My Left Foot, capturing Lewis' dignity and determination as her physical state deteriorates: an increasingly stooped posture, unsteadiness on her feet, unresponsive fingers twisted into a gnarled claw.
A 53 years old woman with no known comorbidities came with chief complaints of drooping of both upper eyelid with double vision since 5 days, unsteadiness while walking since 4 days, nasal intonation and nasal regurgitation for a duration of 2 days.
It is worth mentioning that there are also many examples of unsteady flow and in fact, there is no real flow situation, natural or artificial, that does not occupy some unsteadiness. The flows in all manufacturing applications were randomly assumed to be steady.
Alpert cautions: "Symptoms such as difficulty in word-finding, mood changes, confusion, sleep disturbance, tremor, or physical unsteadiness may be related to an inappropriate drug and often may be resolved by a change of medication or dosage."
Based on acquired information, by calculating statistical indicators (Table 1), we have the possibility to specifically determine the fundamental tendency, knowing the maximum (Max) and the minimum (Min) values, the values with the highest frequency, but also knowing the extent to which the information acquired is distributed by objectively determining the data spreading degree, but also the efficiency of the arithmetic progression (X); I have calculated the most used dispersion indicators; amplitude (W), standard deviation (S) and unsteadiness coefficient (Cv%) (Dragnea, 1984).
"Zayn's exit from One Direction is painful because it means something has ended, but it would have been vastly more painful to approach the next few months with a sense of unsteadiness,'' he says.
Once again Radic just made it to his feet, but his unsteadiness left no option but for the referee to intervene on the two minute and twenty eight second mark.
15, combining striking stage presence with fearless vocalism at the top, albeit with occasional unsteadiness in his delivery.