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in an unsteady manner

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Carter Druse grew pale; he shook in every limb, turned faint, and saw the statuesque group before him as black figures, rising, falling, moving unsteadily in arcs of circles in a fiery sky.
It was just this way: while I looked at him, SO"--regarding me rather unsteadily and with evident complexity of vision--"he was all right; but when I looked away, SO"--taking a long pull at the bottle--"he defied me.
The man with the green eyes was the first to descend the ladder, and I noticed that he came somewhat unsteadily. He was followed by the captain.
The women farther away continued unsteadily at their work, losing movements to the extent of a minute's set-back to the totality of the efficiency of the fancy-starch room.
And they walked unsteadily on, without feeling that they were walking; without feeling anything but that long, grave, mutual gaze which has the solemnity belonging to all deep human passion.
When the festoons were all put up as tastily as they might be, the stupendous collection was uncovered, and there were displayed, on a raised platform some two feet from the floor, running round the room and parted from the rude public by a crimson rope breast high, divers sprightly effigies of celebrated characters, singly and in groups, clad in glittering dresses of various climes and times, and standing more or less unsteadily upon their legs, with their eyes very wide open, and their nostrils very much inflated, and the muscles of their legs and arms very strongly developed, and all their countenances expressing great surprise.
You might have known you couldn't do it.' Now, somebody was unsteadily contemplating his features in the looking-glass.
The latch rose unsteadily, and Henrietta, with frozen tears on her cheeks, and an unintelligible expression of wretchedness and rage, appeared.
"He is an ignoramus," interrupted my friend, as he stepped unsteadily forward, while I followed immediately at his heels.
He rose unsteadily, and tried to make his way across the slippery mosaic of the floor; but she had comprehended that savage and cruel grief; she felt that in the flight of Raoul there was an accusation of herself.
The suspect is described as a white male, aged 40-50's, with a bald or balding head, skinny build and walked unsteadily. He was wearing a dark coloured hooded jacket and dark coloured trousers
When confronted by a neighbour, Apter took a bicycle and later in the day was observed riding unsteadily on the floating roadway which connected the Pier Head to an overhead railway station.
Eventually the 34-year-old rose unsteadily as Whyte celebrated another victory over his British rival.
He entered the home unsteadily, knocking over several wall photographs in the process, said Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Jennifer Gates.
Footage showed a man appearing to lurch unsteadily on the street, trying the car door handle before landing a volleyed kick on the door.