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Such unstatesmanlike and insensitivity, such a crass lacuna in the history of global relationships, which was justly and bitterly seized upon by the secretary-general of the Arab League, reinforced the glaring question on the chains of the United States to be an evenhanded partner for peace with the rest of the world.
Inevitably, the grainy footage has polarised opinion in Australia with prim-minded folk berating him for "unstatesmanlike behaviour" while others cheered him on saying it showed he was a "regular bloke".
The candidates simultaneously experience exhaustion and torture as they navigate through the fallout from unstatesmanlike outbursts, gaffes and revelations of past indiscretions and errors of judgement.
In a sign that the Better together alliance is well and truly over, Brown said his Downing Street successor was "unstatesmanlike" in tying extra powers for Scotland to English votes only hours after the referendum result And he added: "There are lots of grievances as a result of what Mr Cameron said the day after the referendum."
"The results can last up to 18 months or longer." And, for those unstatesmanlike frown lines, she uses good old Botox to "relax the hardened edges around the eyes and forehead" (Botox lasts about four months.) Giangrante stresses that she doesn't treat a man's face like a woman's.
Neither claim is true, and Muir's unstatesmanlike outburst smacked of a child stamping its feet after losing an argument.
Greater attention is required in the selection of the higher officers who may be, in future, appointed to carry such delicate and highly responsible duties into operation.' (7) OPQ added that it was unfair for the Archbishop of Dublin and others to criticise transportation when 'the sole fault exists in the perverse and unstatesmanlike conduct observed in the administration of penal discipline'.
And the chairman of insurance giant Royal Sun Alliance, John Napier, warned Mr Obama's criticism was "unstatesmanlike" and lacked "balance".
warned Obama's criticism was "unstatesmanlike" and lacked "balance".
Unfortunately, with its first mandate of governing and especially in 2006 DPMNE set high criteria for political calculation and unstatesmanlike attitude," says Georgiev.
Bush's snub is not only unstatesmanlike, it's also bad politics.
If this seemed unstatesmanlike, beer ads have never been the province of statesmen.
Taylor also holds out a hope that seems to me forlorn: [F]orceful criticism of unstatesmanlike decisions such as this one--and of the Florida court's hubristic, judicial imperialism--is a vital antidote to the tendency of judges of all political stripes to aggrandize their own power.
Though Watson suspects that a modern-style referendum might have backed most Scots' acceptance of English rule, the ferocity of Edward's treatment of Wallace proved to be the most prejudicial and unstatesmanlike of his acts.
In a harshly worded article for a Scottish newspaper, Sir Malcolm suggested it was making the Tory leader look unstatesmanlike.