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Unstated interest of most company-sponsored studies is the bottom line.
There are also many hidden, unstated matured debts that the state is not reporting as liabilities," says Slobodan Najdovski, an economic analyst.
Professor Alan Riach, Gray's artistic agent Sorcha Dallas, Gray's biographer Rodge Glass, editor of the recent, and controversial, Unstated: Writers on Scottish Independence Scott Hames, and even Gray himself, appear alongside scholars of Gray's words and pictures.
The Secret Rules of Social Networking provides a slim (66 pages) and accessible survey of how readers can develop deeper, more meaningful online connections and relationships and ties online navigation and approaches with a survey of the unstated rules that guide positive relationships both online and off.
Extremists can sign up for military service and bide their time, as suggested by a September 6th attempted hijack of a navy frigate in Karachi for an unstated purpose.
The unstated message here is that there is no hope of seeing true, long-term stability and development until this stalemate comes to an end, and the quicker the better.
This may even be the unstated aim of the Conservative Party with its almost religious belief in the doctrine of the free market and competition.
A teenage boy looking after a sex motel near Veracruz develops a crush on a woman neglected by her lover in Aaron Fernandez's infectiously engrossing sophomore feature, "The Empty Hours:' Sparsely plotted yet brimming with unstated longing and superb character development, this subtle, handsomely shot drama features two standout performances that fully justify the weight on the actors' shoulders.
The essays cover topics united by three features: one explicit, one implicit, and one unstated. The book's explicit goal is to look at how women of the eighteenth century were and are viewed in popular media, rather than how they actually lived.
There are two unstated assumptions at the heart of this argument.
The government said it would "as much as possible" grant legal status to villages in the Negev desert that are currently unrecognised by the authorities and where some Bedouin live, if they met unstated minimum population criteria.
Though firing seems too harsh a punishment for this transgression, it's impossible for me, an outsider, to determine if you were in fact fired because of your resume or for other unstated reasons.
It's an unstated understanding in the Congress circles that a member of the Nehru-Gandhi family will head the government only if the party secures a simple majority in the Lok Sabha or at least 200-plus seats.
The real benefits you provide go unstated. In order for prospects to take action, they must want what you have to offer.
More than 50,000 children were identified as either deprived of status or granted only partial status under the paternity policy between 1985 and 1999, according to the 2005 study Indian Registration, Unrecognized and Unstated Paternity funded by Status of Women Canada.