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Starred elements contribute to the U column and unstarred elements contribute to the B column.
"Role of lobbyists," Unstarred Question No 4883, Lok Sabha Debates, 6 (24), 116-17.
Indiastat.com: Source : Rajya Sabha Unstarred Question No.585, dated 27.07.2000 & Lok Sabha Unstarred Question No.
And the light years, as yet unstarred, reflected there.
Starred packaged foods like pasta and canned soups have sold at 21/2 times the rate of similar unstarred items while sales of breakfast cereals with stars have been more than three times higher than those without.
Sales of packaged food items with stars grew 2.5 times faster than unstarred items.
--The greatest change occurred in the packaged foods section of the store: Selection of packaged foods with one, two or three stars grew steadily at 2.5 times the rate of unstarred items.
The team event, a form of champion of champions, will be staged between the winners of the five 10-man team sections, plus the winners of the six-man team league, who will make up their squad with four unstarred registered bowlers.
100 years agoIn an 'unstarred' question in the House of Commons on Wednesday, Sir Walter Foster asked the President of the Local Government Board whether his attention had been called to a case of flogging at the Cottage Homes at Wednesfield, in which the medical officer described the back of the boy as covered with weals and abrasions from the nape of the neck to the back of the knees, whether he could state the characater of the birch-rod used and whether steps would be taken to prevent such punishments being inflicted on young persons in poor-law institutions in future.
In the cluster, (3a), the tone contained by the unstarred tonal root node would be independent of the starred tone and its alignment could be affected by other factors such as whether there is an unlinked syllable to associate with, the distance before the next tonal specification, etc.
For unstarred items, respondents are coded for agreement with one alternative.
But, one would also like to use the unstarred interpretation on the disjoint oid assignment [Pi] that generates [Pi].
The star representations make the intervening variable model seem less parsimonious; the unstarred representations convey the opposite impression.
Replying to an unstarred question, Union Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Kiren Rijiju said: "In 2018-2019, out of a total of 4,348, 187 athletes were tested positive while in 2017-18 out of 3,822 only 74 were tested positive."